OMG they hacked our Social media accounts!

Please help with toxic players. We have been followed to 3 different servers by really aggro players who have even hacked our social media accounts to wreak havoc on our lives outside of gaming! We want to continue to play Conan but this is getting really weird.

Contact the police. Funcom cant help you with your social contacts problem. Last I checked following people around on CE servers was not against the rules and the official servers are not moderated.


Yup, this. What you’re describing them doing is a crime, not an in-game problem.


I noticed you tagged the thread as ps4 too gameaholic. I would also gather as much detail as you are able, then report them to Sony too, who may also close their PS accounts. But as Mikey and Narelle already noted, be certain to call the police too. People need to learn this that sort of behaviour is not acceptable.


You think that is bad, get this. We wiped a clan recently and they got so but hurt, they tried to hack our bank account.

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I’m glad “tried” was the operative word there. Some people have such reduced morals and standards these days that it is scary to think the lengths people will go to over something like an online game.

Hopefully the would be hackers got some Karma delivered to them in some way or another and I’m glad they didnt manage to cause you any real world harm.

What I want to know is how they even got our personal info… There is nothing public that they could tie us to the game except my gmail and youtube accounts. And even those have no public information like my real name on the youtube channel. However I did register my real name with Google.

One from the clan we wiped constantly bragged he works for a Fortune 500 tech firm. So this could possibly be a Google employee that has access to my real personal information. Which if that is the case, someone needs to go to jail… And Google needs to get their act together…

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Stunningly easy. If you can navigate the dark web, you can get personal details on 100’s of people for pennies on the dollar. It’s awful, but there it is.

I would say I am shocked but the personal behaviour of people in this game has been no suprise and the complete lack of community guidelines and report system has only encouraged this behaviour across official servers.

And what are you supposed to do? go to the police and say hey “Username 123 on this game is harassing me” , I am sure they will make it their top priority.

Funcoms biggest mistake in this game isn’t glitches or bugs its the lack of a report function and ingame support, Maybe they can DLC in a report function.

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I don’t think this qualifies for harassment but people love selective reading.

P.S. Pretty sure this topic has run its course.

You are right it’s more like they attempted a felony rather than harassment :smiley:

There’s a difference between in-game harassment and hacking social media accounts (let alone bank accounts). You don’t need to know who committed the crime - that’s what the police is for.

This kind of nonsense does need to be addressed by the Developer. I understand that is isn’t part of the game. But FC should take action. And yes. The police should be called or contacted.

But FC should be taking some action. While the hacking of social media accounts isn’t an issue they can address. They should be investigating claims, especially of this magnitude.

I assume you can’t beat them? Did you even try?

Would really like to see a statement here from funcom, since they encourage this behaviour by revealing everyones steam profile in the player list and event log.

Which the person can decide to leave public filled with personal information or keep it private as many of us do.

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