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So I just wanted to discuss the current state of the game here. I’ve played Conan for years and really do enjoy this game. Recently I had a run in with some cheaters in the game and made a forum post regarding it linking to a video showing the cheaters and posting their account names. That post was pretty quickly locked and delisted by a mod. Now I am not here to rant about that, I’m not even mad . . just honestly disappointed. Again I love this game but to get my post locked and delisted like that without so much of an acknowledgement from mods saying ‘hey, we’ll look into it. We understand’ is extremely disheartening and honestly down right disrespectful.

Maybe I broke a forum rule by posting their account IDs. I did glance over the forum rules to try and make sure I wasn’t breaking any in my post, but it is definitely possible I missed something. Again without any feedback it is hard to know what happened :frowning:

So really I just am asking, what happened? Was my post actually swept under the rug and was that the forum mod’s way of basically telling me to keep quiet? Will this post be silenced as well? :frowning: Is there some misunderstanding going on?

This is an honest plea from a loving and devoted fan to the franchise who would just like to know what is going on.


It’s alright - your second guess was actually the correct one. I’m not sure right now where exactly it’s stated, but it is meant to be against forum rules to ‘name names’ (to prevent accusations leading to flame wars, as I understand it). Sometimes it would be really helpful if whoever’s closing a thread would just explain this point, but I guess that would keep the names visible for longer (or they could send a private message to explain it, but that might feel to some people like they are getting ‘told off’ and lead to all manner of other nonsense).

As I understand it, generic discussion of the situation itself is considered ok for the forums - just not getting into the specifics - though debate is likely to be ‘free-ranging’ to say the least.

For a proper report - especially if you’ve got IDs and decent evidence - go to the newer Zendesk thing and you should be able to report it there :slight_smile:


In a “he said she said” situation I can see that . . . I have actual videos of it uploaded to youtube that I would like to share so at the very least people can see what is out there and know who to look out for . . .

Again it’s just extremely disappointing how it seems like they want to handle this.

I would like an answer on how the sharing of videos is viewed. I won’t be censoring their IDs in the videos because that ain’t right to even be asked to do so. As long as no one is showing how to cheat / exploit in a video of course, I would think Funcom would want people to help build up the Conan community. :neutral_face:


Beyond that though of course formal reports have been filed with the zendesk link you provided. Thank you for that :slight_smile:


Yeah, that would certainly be a key one (I know that’s against the rules). As for sharing the videos - honestly I don’t know - I suspect it would come down to the same issue, I suspect it’s just a matter of it being simplest to ban all instances rather than spending the time/manpower sorting through which are or are not valid. I can see why you would want to post the info, and how it could have value to other players (and potentially Funcom - though hopefully the report you sent also achieves that), but I can also see how some of these sorts of forum rules come about.

You could maybe get away with just embedding a link to the video in text form (like I did with the zendesk link) - but that might also be seen as just trying to circumvent forum rules (because, basically, it would be…).

Yeah, to be honest, I’m not going to get into this right now, because I’m liable to go into a rant - this aspect ties into something I’m a little raw about at the moment. So for now I’ll just agree and say ‘there are communication issues of various types that could do with being properly resolved’ and leave it at that, rather than go off about a broader topic.

Thank you :slight_smile: I genuinely believe that every properly filed report helps to improve the game, so it is appreciated that you took the time.

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It falls under the naming and shaming part of the rules. Let me dig that part.


This might be the relevant passage:

Always Be Civil

Nothing sabotages a healthy conversation like rudeness:

  • Be civil. Don’t post anything that a reasonable person would consider offensive, abusive, or hate speech. This includes usernames.

The rule as written is obviously - to be keep it civil and constructive - stupid, as it wouldn’t allow to post a username even for positive feedback. But they’ll probably refer to that.

There are a lot of good things with Funcom. Forum moderation, traditionally, isn’t one of them, both regarding writing clear rules as well as enforcing them (and only them).

One can have a negative opinion on that (or, of course, disagree). But the game has enough good points to enjoy those, and the user community on these forums is one of the nicest gaming forums at least I have ever seen. Everybody gets help and advice, little to no flaming, relatively few derailed threads, lots of humor getting shared.

So, don’t let the forum moderation discourage you.

Yeah, it’s informally known as a “naming and shaming” rule, but here’s the actual text of it:

This can be found in the “Always Be Civil” section of Social Guidelines page, which itself is linked in the pinned post called Conan Exiles Resources and Frequently Asked Questions.

As others pointed out, the Terms of Service, which are also in a pinned post, describe the proper procedure for reporting cheaters, which is to submit a Zendesk ticket.

So, yeah, what you did is an understandable mistake, no big deal. Good luck with your report! :+1:


Blur out the names and reupload it… then link that here.

The result is likely going to be the same since the procedure is to use ZenDesk for this kind of stuff.


To show examples of what cheaters do and the potential problems they cause?

I’m not going to do that. I can be civil and speak about it without raging, but I’m not going to show any respect to blatant cheaters :rofl:

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