Conan Exiles Resources and Frequently Asked Questions

Greetings, Exiles.

Below you may find a curated list of links and information for Conan Exiles, together with a list of Frequently Asked Questions that will help answer the most common questions regarding the game.


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Q: How often are patches released for Conan Exiles?

A: We don’t have a set schedule for patches so they’ll arrive as soon as they’re ready, but we will announce all patches on the respective forums sections for PC, PC - Test Live, XBOX, and PS4.

Q: Are server wipes to be expected?

A: There are no plans for full server wipes on the Official Servers, the Building Decay System takes care of cleaning up abandoned structures throughout the lifetime of the server.

Q: Are there any plans for crossplay between PC and Console?

A: We don’t have any plans for crossplay at this time.

Q: Where can I provide feedback or suggestions for Conan Exiles?

A: We encourage everyone to share their thoughts, desires, and ideas in our Suggestions section.

Q: What measures do you take against cheaters?

A: We use BattlEye as our anti-cheating software on PC, and prioritize addressing exploits on all platforms through patches.

Q: Where can I report exploits or cheaters?

A: If you discover a new exploit or want to report a cheater, feel free to reach out to us privately by following the details provided in this guide.

Please refrain from posting about exploits or cheaters publicly on the forums.


Q: How can I host my own Private Server?

A: On the PC platform you may choose to host a server on a machine of your own. Be sure to verify if it meets the recommended Server System Requirements, you may find the tool and further information on the Dedicated Server Launcher thread.

Q: What is the PC - Test Live about?

A: The Test Live is a separate branch available through Steam where we publish and test builds before they are deployed on the PC and Console clients. You can find more information here.


Q: Do consoles receive the same content as the PC version?

A: Yes, although console patches might be delayed at times due to their certification process.

Q: Will there be split-screen co-op support for consoles?

A: No, there are no plans to allow for this feature.


Q: How do I report an Official server for downtime or connectivity issues?

A: You may report Official servers by opening a post in the forum section for the platform you’re playing on, through one of the following links:

Q: Can I set up a Private Server?

A: If you’re on XBOX or PS4, you may rent a server from G-Portal, our official server partner. If you’re on the PC, you may choose to rent a server from G-Portal or to host your own.

Q: How do I report issues with my Private server?

A: If you’re hosting your own dedicated server through our Dedicated Server Launcher, you may reach out to us through this post.

If you’re renting a server from G-Portal, we recommend that you reach out to their support team through this link.
Other server rental services should have their own venues for support as well.

If you’re playing on a Private server that is currently experiencing any sort of issues, you must reach out to its server admin.


Q: How can I access the Nudity DLC?

A: The Free Nudity DLC is only available for the digital editions that are indicated in the store page and if you’re in a region that allows for it.
For physical copies, whether the full nudity option is available or not depends on the region of the purchased disk.

Q: Will the pre-order DLC ever become available for purchase?

A: There are no plans to make any of the pre-order DLC available for purchase.


Q: Do the Console versions of Conan Exile support mods?

A: No, only the PC version has modding support.

Q: Where can I find mods for the PC version?

A: You may browse either Steam’s Conan Exiles Workshop or the Nexus Mods’ Conan Exiles section to find a large collection of mods developed by the community.