Can we get a player reporting feature?

People get banned in the forums for doing wrong. Can we get something for banning players from the game, too? Maybe complaints/reports from X-number of different accounts about a specific steam ID? This does not prevent them from opening a new steam account, but if they want to pay Funcom for a new copy every time they get banned, more power to them

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Sorry dude while i may be on your side as far as larger groups go. Complaints shouldn’t get people banned so long as they aren’t breaking any rules. I think there should be a report system but not for complaining against people who are stupid.

Being blatantly racist in global should be a violation

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And in local voice. Standing outside your base screaming racial slurs. Do you really thing this type of person should NOT be banned? Do they do anything BUT drive players away? If Funcom were to put up a poll to see how may people want that 1, in particular, gone it’d be an eye-opener.

Well a way to report bad eggs might be somthing but dont know how and how to punich them. But yes of some one come and destry the comunet and the fin in a well working server… it can be somthing.

While this sounds really good, and would be nice to have some kind of reporting system, or at least an ignore button in game, it would need to have a valid reason.
I can already see how this would be abused by a large groups of friends, who would report 1 player for no apparent reason, just because they don’t like him.

Require screenshots or video of the violation. it’s not hard to hit F12 to screenshot global chat. That gives proof of the violation

When discussing reporting players I’m of the mindset that there’ll always be jerks, griefers, idiots, etc playing a game like this. BUT, when people cross the line into absurd profane, racist, bigoted trolling that ends up forcing good people to quit because they can’t do anything about it… yeah, there needs to be reporting for that, and players like that should get banned.

Seriously, we’ve seen FC adequately moderate these forums, they should be able to moderate that kind of behavior on their servers as well.

Maybe Funcom can save the last 500 lines of global chat from servers, or something. Report it right away, and they can go and check the chat log. Like Biggins said, there has to be a way

Guess if a player become reported from many Clans and soloplayers somthing shall happens. spec if its reapeats on several servers.