It's wrong to report

Please, on my server (I say on the official funcom server that I play), there are several players who make the bizarre and unbelievable Mayan shenanigans in conan. Reservation of regions, people thinking they own the area, buildings without foot or head… It turns out that I’ve been making videos and reporting them all, and they’re being suspended according to the guidelines of the game’s matriarch. I ask you, is it wrong to denounce practically everyone, obviously with video and in the doctrine of irregularity But are we the ones who should do it? There is no one who can be a supervisor, I noticed that there are hundreds of complaints daily, wouldn’t it be better for the officers to appoint in administrators?


You bring up a topic that has been discussed here so many times.

I’ll go over things one at a time according to my viewpoints. No matter what any of us think it is always Funcom’s decision though.

Is it wrong to report?
I’m divided on that. Yes and no.

For PVE it is one of the only ways after all other options have been exhausted that clear violations could be rectified.

For PVP you have the option of raiding so could potentially deal with the problem yourself.

Having watched report wars happen and been the victim of dev wipes I do not report for landclaim.

The system:
The processes in place necessitate the current reactive system.

There are no active admins on Officials. It is up to the players to be responsible and adhere to the spirit of the Terms of Conduct (ToC). Because of that, in order to have Funcom deal with something you have to submit a report through Zendesk so they can investigate.

This comes with many cons. Some are: not providing enough information, overburdening of the amount of reports causing delays in response, misunderstanding the policies, by Funcom’s own admission “gathering” reports for a server and actioning possibly at a later date.

There are some 780 (if memory serves) Official servers currently. That is a lot to handle. It would be safe to say that there are not enough employees to fairly and accurately admin them other than via reactive administration. It would be an astronomical cost to actively admin.

It has been requested often to have a warning system instead. This itself would also be cost prohibitive as they would need to implement additional systems and ensure that the player follows up to whatever correction is required. Sort of like herding cats. I do have positive thoughts on how it could be achieved though.

It has also been suggested that there be a subscription based system with a grouping of servers where there are active admins. I’d be willing to pay a monthly fee to have this myself.

With that said there’s been many heated discussions on block limits. Myself I do not agree that it is the solution although I can see why many who want it believe it is the right thing to do. As with the behaviors of people, they would find a way to circumvent this block limit as well. I and others have suggested an upkeep system, while isn’t a block limit, could potentially alleviate the problems presented with serial refreshing and unnecessary expansion.

Another point is that it has been requested that players help the company to admin. I would never be ok with this for many reasons and I understand why Funcom has never taken up the many offers they’ve recieved.

So with all of this said… Ideas, thoughts, arguments, all of it has been had. Many times.

No idea if Funcom plans on implementing any other way of addressing violations in the future. They tend to be very quiet about this subject. Only yesterday was a Customer Support rep actually participating in a land claim discussion, providing some insight and clarity. This hasn’t been done frequently and often rarely.

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No, funcom made us server monitors to save themselves the cost of actually monitoring their servers.


On PVE all reporting amount to is trying to dip the ocean dry with a tea cup.

Aught to be part of the battle pass.

I’m still pushing for the area/land claim block. Like quite a few sandbox builders.
I suggested starting with one ?X?X?; have to be worked out on size. Unlock one more every ten levels. So you could have 6 moderately small bases, or one really big one, or combos there of.