I reported a player who spammed foundations around my base and 4 weeks later nothing is done

What’s the point in reporting players with several screenshots showing player killing my thralls(exploited) and foundations up to my base blocking huge areas just to grief, when Funcom takes 4 weeks then sends a snotty message requesting even more info. Screenshots with foundations up to another base miles away from their main base should be evidence enough! What more do they want? I send location, logs etc and still nothing.

They either don’t care about players griefing others or they have admins who actively support certain people even when they grief others.

Why have a report system if nothing gets done? 4 weeks is too long!

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
Whilst I submitted another report I’m more certain nothing will be done and the player will not get removed.

While I was glad to see FunCom implement a mechanism for reporting various game abuses, the plan seems incomplete.

While they have a structure for users communicating issues to the company, they don’t seem to have a structure for the company communicating to the users submitting claims.

There should be some verification from the company to the user that the report has been received.
Additionally, the user should receive some form of notification that a decision has been made.
Doing this validates the users submitting claims, and ensures confidence in the review process.

Currently there is no clear information explaining what happens after a claim has been submitted; estimated time for response and/or action by the Company, etc.
This lack of information allows for much frustration to develop for those that are trying to use this reporting system to improve the gaming experience for everyone.

I submitted a report on June 6th.
There has been no follow up communication, and the offending structures are still there( in fact they have increased in size since my original report.)
At this point, it seems like the reporting model was a good idea that has been poorly executed.


It doesn’t matter how good of a system is implemented if you don’t have the manpower to execute it.


Same issue here.

Reported someone 1 month ago for walling me in and heavy grief, even blocking the obelisk. No action has been taken against this player and as if things coulnd’t get worse, he continues to extend his grief on to other players.

All I received from the Gm is “I have sent this to our team to investigate”. No feedback given, no action has been taken.

By the way, the obelisk is still blocked.

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I reported the exploiter/griefer to @Hugo, he did nothing, then I reported to the community manager @Cattibria, she sent automated response that 100% proved she didn’t even bother to read the report instead she sent out a forum guide on how to report, which was the resource I used in the first place.

I wonder what reason they could have for siding with the cheaters/exploits?

The whole reason to report is to make the game better for everyone, why would they allow the cheaters/exploiters to stay is a mystery? I guess they literally don’t care about the game or the players who don’t cheat or use exploits.

I am posting as many honest reviews as possible on as many sites as possible warning others to not expect cheaters to be removed even when reported, which is honest and factual.
I hope others will do the same or nothing will be done.

And for me it’s the opposite.

A new player came on our official server, he reported us (we did a big wall separating the jungle (our kingdom) from the rest of the map (with still some way to go inside if you really want, and full of T1 easy to destroy)
The new player destroy some doors of our wall, saw our base and reported it too. (Our base were gigantic, but that’s normal after many years of playtime on this server.)

We were banned by funcom because “we are blocking game content”… Nice, this game isn’t supposed to be PvP? It look more ReportsVsPlayers for me.

The player who reported us came inside our base and opened everything, then throwed it on the ground and leaved the server. Nice funcom, you destroy you legit playerbase for some babycryer who don’t stay on your game.

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The problem is that when clans or selfish players “claim” huge areas it restricts new players from being able to put sleeping bags down etc, the new players are the ones who need to put sleeping bags down, not the players who play for many years with huge bases nearby.

Huge bases aren’t the problem its huge areas around bases being claimed just because a clan doesn’t want players nearby, if that’s the case go and play private servers don’t infect the official servers! I see some huge bases which are brilliantly made, they don’t all require several squares on the map, it’s kinda like the small endowed man having the biggest car to compensate…

Like I said there were some hole in our wall, to let ppl go inside if they really want. + it’s in T1 so easy to raid if you can’t accept to climb 5 foundations… That was on an official, you put 1or 2 explosives and bye the wall (and like I said that was still possible to climb).
We wanted to do our great wall of china wonder :C

And if people claims around bases that’s maybe because the game is bad designed and a clan can build at 6 foundations of an other clan, they just have to build a tower to jump on the base on the other.

In real life if a kingdom was stronger than other, the smallests kingdoms reported it for being unfair with others? You can just make alliances with other players on the server to wipe an alpha clan, not just send report to funcom.

I find @sarten responses interesting.

It sounds like a PvP server, which as stated has mechanisms in place for players to deal with building spam.

My report, and others I have seen posts about, are on PVE, or PVE-C servers, which currently do not have any in-game mechanisms for dealing with building spam.

I find it odd that FunCom took action on a PvP server, while PVE and PVE-C reports go unanswered.

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Sarten to be clear my topic is on PVE-C servers not PVP severs. PVE-C servers you can’y even destroy level 1 Tier foundations so spamming them on a PVE-C server is just as bad as spamming tier4 foundations.

Solo players on PVE-Confilct servers should not have to deal with large clans blocking areas, leave that for the PVP servers where players can actually damage other clans buildings to make room for their own “kingdom”, PVE-C is not the place for that…

The rules are there, but people don’t want to play by the rules… most are common sense, common sense isn’t that common amongst griefers/cheaters unfortunately, and when they find a game that doesn’t punish them they grow and multiply.

This is just funcom, they don’t even know their game.

I thought the topic was about the reports not working, that’s why I talk about my ban :smiley:


Is there any information that you could provide about the report/review/penalty process that would help us to understand it a bit more?

Thanks in advance.

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First off, I am not a community manager. I am a volunteer moderator.

Secondly, it takes time for them to research the report and confirm it.

If it is minor, then do not expect any action to be taken. The severity of the offense governs what will be done.

Please keep in mind that if an exploit is involved, they may not do anything until they figure out what is being done. This can and does take time.


It’s the gamers who report the cheaters/griefers who the ones who are trying to improve the community, players spamming foundations around someone’s base ruins the game, most people will quit leaving empty servers left with cheats/griefers who ruin it for new players, I’m not a new player. I have also spent my time providing a concrete case with evidence clearly showing my base is completely blocked by this player.

I have been gaming for 30 years and I have no bans for cheating on my record, this idiot who is griefing me has a vac ban in the last few years.

I understand the pressure of all the people who complain about being griefed, it would be better if the community knew players were getting banned, this player mocks the system stating he doesn’t care and knows nothing will be done, this if very frustrating, several other players have stated the same problem.

I don’t want to complain, but if I don’t the idiot will ruin countless others games, and continue to laugh at the report system.

To recap my griefer has walled up to my base spamming foundations,
He’s blocked a huge area near the mound so new players can’t place sleeping bags etc
He’s led purge thralls to my base to destroy a wall, then entered and looted my thralls and even managed to kill my thrall which I don’t know how as I cannot attack any players thralls.

This can happen sometimes for retaliation against a player for :

  1. Insulting other players

  2. getting into someone else purges and killing purge thralls (griefing)

  3. Not honoring a trade. Such as promising goods then playing the fool.

  4. blocking and important resource.

If the reported actions is only against you. And not against the server. It could be you gave a reason to a player to go against you.

Funcom should only get involved in the offence is against the whole server and not a personal problem (which In this particular case looks like it)

First of all, that’s not stated anywhere in the rules. The rules say that harassment and griefing are not allowed, and they describe some of the examples, but say clearly that the prohibited behavior is not limited to those examples.

Second, we’re talking about a PVE-C server here. A player that has been enclosed has no in-game recourse to deal with it. Before the rules were established, the only options you had were to try to outlast the griefer or move to another server. With the new rules, we have an option to report griefers and the expectation is that Funcom will eventually deal with them.

I suspect that the real problem is the volume of reports they have to process, combined with limited resources.


“This can happen sometimes for retaliation”

Or in my case because some idiot wanted the area I was making a base and decided to try and remove me by griefing me.

The player has a VAC ban on steam, I don’t! I have played video games for 30 years and never had a ban for cheating! Some people are just dirty players who get bored and think it’s fun to grief.

I dare say this particular griefer has made numerous other players quit, I at least tried to get support to remove a dirty player, but they for whatever reason don’t care.

Anyway I’m off to a newer and better game, hopefully with competent admin.

Soo Many things can’t be seen as a breaking rules. Tell me how can they enforce it if it can take weeks or months to have a exploiter banned?

By the time they take action the prof regarding the broken rules could be well over (offending structure gone).

And understanding human nature I can see people reporting even the silliest things. Some people do have very thin skin and is easily offended.

As someone said. Rules are worthless if there Is no-one to enforce it.

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Whoa, wait, what? For some reason, I thought official servers had VAC protection? Was I wrong? And if I’m not wrong, how is this guy still playing on official servers?

If he was VAC banned back in the beginning, then they were of limited duration not permanent as they are now.

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