In game reporting system

Now that Funcom has realized how griefing, usually in the form of illegal buildings and blockades are a serious problem I feel it is time to implement a reporting system to help the devs identify and punish griefers.

It could work like this, players should be able to interact and report a building they feel hurt the game, adding a brief text to their report, all in game. The system could tag the location (not the building, or the builder would simply destroy and rebuild to avoid being reported) and player and once a certain number of reports are filled it should give Funcom devs all details and location for inspection.

If its a illegal or griefing building they would have everything they need to easily take measures, if it is the opposite, players trying to grief or frame a legit building, Funcom would also have all information to take measures and punish the griefers.

This is just an idea, but giving players in game tools to help identify griefers would greately improve infraction controll and punishment in this game.


Too easy to spam. If one feels the infraction is bad enough, 10-20 minutes to get on forums and report should not be an issue. If one doesn’t want to log into the forums, then it must not be that bad. Just my opinion. and if a player on a server does not come to the forums, this is a great opportunity for them to. They may be surprised at how much can be learned here, as well as get great tips!!!


Good idea, not realistic in terms of time & money.

I think the problem is the time they will lose by investigation.
Time = money, if they do this action, it’s not going to solve the problems itself, thus only damage control.

You as investor don’t wan’t to lose to much money.
So the only thing as solution to this, is coding “dead walls” meshes which you interract/touch, you will die. Implement this behind green wall and under montains etc and this way players can’t undermesh and if so it would be alot harder and the spots if the devs missed they can update it (spend time on it) and you will know it will be fixed for long terms instead chasing and investigating cheaters long terms (endless).


and if a player on a server does not come to the forums, this is a great opportunity for them to.

Why would they come to the forums and spend time instead playing the game, besides the ideal world picture?

Why would you (as a developer for example) rely on the people on the server, instead of the coding itself of the game?
I mean, if 20 players in the server hates you and will report it will trigger an event which cost time and also this is not the solution, can be a part of the solution and in long terms, this system will be a mess and gets abused.

If 20 people in a server hate you then you did something to deserve the hate.

Unless those 20 are in “sister” clans and want to retaliate for being hit. Way too easy for bro-clans to use as a griefing tool. The way it is now is sufficient. Yes, it can still happen on the forums, but at least not make it a 1 button easy button for trolls.

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It’s a good idea.

If clans try to abuse it with false reports, just ban the clans instead.

A fast, effective, simple system for reporting SPECIFIC things could make a single admin literally 100x more effective than he ever could be going back and forth through e-mails. It’s not a bad idea, it’s actually a popular one, something MOST games should have included in a much more advanced state than is currently available.

Additionally, such a system could function for reporting bugs as well.


Find a floating tree, rock, of a stuck spot.

Report it as such.

On Funcom’s end, they translate the data onto a map they can view. And easily see “hot spots” where a “stuck”, or a “float”…

Easy to find and fix many (but not all) problems.

That’s why games like world of warcraft have layers or stages of punishment or investigation depending on the amount of reports. For example if you get reported 10 times in an hour or so for foul language your account gets silenced for 24 hours and you can’t use general chat only party chat or direct messages to a friend. If your account gets reported for griefing or cheating a gm will look into it that you aren’t doing something wrong. It doesn’t have to be an insta ban or kick from a server.

For only 12,99 EUR per month


lol, it’s a compliment for Funcom to compare it to them.
But unrealistic, like @Narelle said = 12,99 p/m.

good point. The report is more than likely hitting an admin paid by WoW, which allows for a review on the actual server.

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Why would someone spam a report in game? They would get the same treatment in the forums, a warning and if they insist probably a temporary bam, false accusation could also cause them serious trouble. When people fill an in game ticket they are tagging their accounts to it, devs will know who is opening those complains. There are a bunch of things to consider when players cant easily report problems in game:

  1. Players who dont have a forum account (the majority) can feel disencouraged to report, it takes time to create an account and write down a full report, most wont bother going through this process…
  2. Tracking the infraction is much worse, people have to try to explain where the problem is. If we had a way to interact and report buildings the devs would immediately know where they are for easy inspection.
  3. Very few PC players use forums, I dare to say almost no console player use the forums, because the majority of the players -dont- ever come/read here it feels almost like an absurd not offering a in game reporting tool.

Why would anyone do anything troll-y?
By making it forum specific to report, one would have to take pics/video, then save, then upload to forum right now. meaning a lot of work vs a quick easy button. By making it forum specific for reporting, you are at least removing the lazy trolls from doing false reporting.
And yes, all those players could easily create brand new accounts on Forum to false report, but it is easier to decipher spam of new users vs seeing the reports of new characters on a server.

I think about 5% playerbase (probaly less) use the forums, most likely even less if its console players, and certainly even less bother to report due to all trouble/hard work. Like you said, people have to create an account, topic, give coordinates, take screenshots, videos, upload videos, engage into arguments in the forums etc… its a LOT of work and we all know in most cases nothing is done, even after all evidences are given. I did try reporting in the past, I just dont bother anymore. This is exactly why most Online games have in game tickets. Its the devs interest expose bugs and griefers as best as they can, not hide them in the shadows.

You want a practical example? Try finding 20 topics about griefing / illegal building right now, find out where they are, what is going on, which server they are through all these topics and arguments inside each post. If I had to do that I would love the idea of receiving a direct ticket with the exact in-game coordinate, a brief explanation where I could also order by date, server, player/clan name, number of reports to the same problem, who opened the ticket, etc…

If the devs want it, it would be possible create a very efficient way to report in game, with automatic screenshot capture and everything.

Really? Know? Give stats and sources please.

From what i am hearing with the new report system they have started acting on legit reports. And the LOTS of work makes it even more likely the player really feels it is an issue. That is exactly my point of having an easy button in game vs reporting on the forums. Thank you for making it.

Why would someone spam a report in game?

Seriously? Why would you think everyone who reports does it fairly.

Like I said, if a player (A) got a fight (will happen, because of the game itself) with an other player (B) that has a clan and are allies with other clans and they all start reporting person A.
Behind the scenes it looks like person A is a cheater or whatsoever, devs getting a look into it but cant find weird stuf (cost time), they might conclude this was a false report and have to investigate the others and so on… time time time time time time time time time time time time time time…

There are always people abusing the system.

I find the system simple enough. The only issue is not having enough people to handle all the reports but I believe the guys are doing what they can. You ask them to spend hours and hours of their time to investigate spammed reports while you refuse to spend 10 minutes of your time to report your issue. People spamming a button won’t speed up the process.


You would be surprised how little casual players care. How many games most CE players play at the same time? Do you believe they all make forum accounts in every game they play just to report a infraction? Ask Funcom, tell them to show how many CE accounts they have, then ask for forum accounts for some giggles. Most just wont bother, most players never set foot in game forums. If they see something wrong… well, someone else will eventually report the problem, unless they are seriously damaged by the infraction.

Thats why most online games also have in game tickets, so players can report on the fly. If you expect them to come in the forums and write a full report… well, you will get a much lower number of reports, some serious problems that could have been exposed before will remain hidden for longer, thats my point.

But people are prophesying about how wrong spamming report buttons could go, as if there is no way to prevent that, because you know… coders can only do 1 + 1 logic, so whatever… have a good day and keep expecting everybody to come here report everything wrong they see in game.

If they don’t care, then the issue doesn’t bother them enough.