Create an in-gaming reporting system

The current reporting system is broken, players who never violated the ToS are getting banned despite trying to follow funcoms rules. For example more recently some friends of mine had invited an individual to their clan who then proceeded to use slurs in global chat. They kicked this individual for it but it was already too late, the damage was done. Everyone in that clan was permanently banned because of that one individual.

The current reporting system is broken and only exists for those players who abuse it in order to get an edge on pvp servers. Likewise dozens of innocent players are getting banned because of one bad apple that they have associated with and even if they attempt the dissociate with that player after the fact.

No other game with a reporting system works like this and the fact is that funcom staff is regularly duped into believing false reports like those which occurred on 1540 resulting in mass ban offs of even more innocent people. Obviously some of these people went on to buy alternative accounts to play on and I wonder sometimes if maybe that is funcoms goal to squeeze extra money out of people. I for one however refuse to give this company another single cent until they get their act together.

If funcom wants to moderate in game behavior than they need to develop an automated reporting tool that works within the framework of the game so they can obtain accurate information and timestamps and punish the actual wrongdoers rather than just waving the banhammer on anyone in the vicinity.

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This is why i dont play of officials. Only roleplay servers.

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If you want a proplem fixt its not smart to be rude to the ones who gonne fix it.

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It’s incredibly unlikely funcom will do anything to fix… anything. The only reason funcom began to moderate their public servers at all is because of the Tencent acquisition which came with some new stipulations. The current reporting function is just a band aid solution.

you still attacked Funcom in a bad way.

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Oh, I’m sorry. You’re right. My bad. Funcom is an amazing company. They never make a mistake. Thank you for correcting the record. 10 cents has been deposited into your bank account. Have a good day sir.

they are not flawless, i did not say that. but you dont need to be rude, they are just people to.


Yes thank you sir. If you would like to continue to discuss the tone of my post please message me privately.

no need.

is the reportsystem doing what you say, its terrible…

The main problem with implementing an ingame reporting feature is that it can be abused. Bethesda had one for their mods page on Skyrim and Fallout 4 but had to remove it due to false report spamming by salty players. Rockstar has one for GTA Online, but, like Bethesda’s, it’s rife with false reporting.

Everything can be abused but there’s always solutions to make it safe from abuse.

Of course it can be abused but to make sure administrators do job right, they could check report, go and invisibly stalk reported player if he is cheating - that’s the best solution as they can do it fast, especially if not much time passed since report. If they won’t see any bad behavior they could ignore report, also few false reports in row may disable (teporarily) reporting feature for person that abuses it.

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