Create a player enforcement squad

One of the issues causing frustration for players is the lack of ability for Funcom to have Game Managers on their hosted servers to address player related issues due to staffing limitations, etc.

Funcom already has the Chosen of Asura, a way of recognizing players that meaningfully contribute to the community.
I was thinking they could expand on this by authorizing player agents to act as their proxies to address player allegations or other player related issues.
They could advertise this at the main menu, so players from all servers are made aware of this (not just those that use Funcom forums.)
I propose some sort of application process, then a probationary period to ensure people don’t abuse the privilege.

This group of individuals would be authorized by Funcom Staff to investigate player allegations and report back to Funcom. I don’t see these characters as having full Admin privileges, but having the ability to deal with things like grief building, etc.

This is a rough draft of an idea; comments, criticisms, suggestions are welcome.

Like the fact that the game is kinda broken, incomplete and not optimized? Most of the allegations are because of this issues. The game it’s still early access, so you’re watching the picture from the most wrong angle, venting your frustration in the wrong direction.

I mean, spineless people are still gonna be spineless, I’m editing the post since it has been fascistically flagged as out of topic while not being out of topic.

What this game needs is some serious work, some serious bug fixing and quality assurance, not some self proclaimed, self appointed virtual police.

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really? where u get that? id guess its more like 95% done.

lol, you want to make players gms on official servers for free :slight_smile: why not join a private server then …


Joining a Private server does not guarantee a problem free gaming experience.

If my house was on fire, I would rather have the volunteer fire department put the fire out, than let my house burn down.

But this isn’t a house on fire, it’s an under development video game.

@Shadoza you make some fair points.
Players conducting this activity, would not be using the character they play with. A character specifically for Game Moderation would need to be created. These characters would not be “playable” characters, just avatars that can travel the Exiled Land for a feet on the ground perspective of a report. No special powers need to be given to these characters, unless Funcom chooses to do so.

If implemented properly, the Gamer Moderator would enhance the currently existing system Funcom has in place. For example, someone complains about some grief buidling. Funcom sends one of the Gamer Moderators to the Server to investigate. Gamer Moderater reports findings back to Funcom. Funcom uses additional information provided by Gamer Moderator to decide what action, if any, is appropriate.

I think just knowing that someone is actually going to investigate a claim of alleged unapproved activity would go a long way for improving the Customer Service experience.

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