Solution for Never ending issue Devs please read You can have cake and eat it too;P

Due to a few people on our server, a idea came up antonio, asumura and myself .

Funcom states they don’t have moderated servers because they don’t have the manpower to oversea such servers,

Have unofficial servers not moderated, state that and take official servers and make them unofficial because face it official servers are not moderated at all not even a little bit.

Solution Offer a monthly fee for a official server that will be moderated…No excuses no never ending no help, but players pay a fee every month knowing the server is moderated and watched. This gets rid of the toxic players and so forth, families can play etc. in doing so dlc will be offered to those players for free. Both sides win. If a player has a legit reason that is breaking the rules they will know there is help, no need to quit and post on forums over and over like we are doing now.

This game has so much potential if funcom just gave a poop

There isn’t an easy solution because the staff hired to do the moderating would rely on a very unstable income. Not every business will bother with the risk.

There are companies with the services in place and ready to allow us to hire our own servers. I’m considering doing that and making the server shared owned if I can find enough people willing to pay for around 5% of the annual cost. The server would not have a single admin or a tyrant i.e. nothing changes or is done without agreement of everyone paying for the server. Pay annually, setup a discord for communication, a Twitter for quick alerts on anything happening.

That is your solution.