How to stop the issues on offical servers with toxic players

Due to the increase of toxic and toxic is the nicest word i can think of.

Have the players vote on one tribe to police the server not police it as in any small issue but the serious ones. In return of people posting over and over have someone at funcom listen to that tribe. People on the server have major issues then that tribe can go to someone in funcom and bring up the issue. If players know they have someone watching out for them it will be alot less grief. Also have it on the page of rules whats tolerable and whats not and whats bannable. Too many good players are leaving the game and new players are joining and leaving when they see what is going on now. Time to clean up the community. Every server has a tribe almost everyone respects.

Eh… if they are only allowed to ban, maybe okay, but even then it still leaves room for people banning others just becaue…

Why not after a certain value of reports via steam autoban? Like after 50 players (steamids) reported one, a ban which is system sided would kick in. Would that work?

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I think a better idea would be to have a ‘request moderator’ button. Clicking it would allow you to open a ticket with Funcom customer care where you could report behavior. It’d be nice if they could tie in PS4 & Xbox capture functions to include screenshots or footage of the incident as well.


As much as this is a neat idea it won’t happen

Funcom have been very open about the not moderating and letting servers balance themselves. You are pretty out of luck asking for that

Read the 100s of replys from Funcom there is no moderation nor will there be. So no point even asking for it if you want that play on a private server with a moderator

I guess you misunderstood?
All this would be processed automatically by each server. No moderation required.
Question is how high the numbers of reports would be supposed to be. 20? Then maybe a bigger clan might be able to troll everyone, causing everyone to be banned…
I guess 50 would work out, if server decides together.

I did understand my point was that if they are not going to moderate than I highly doubt you will see any other form of this come into affect

True enough. I enjoy hope though. :stuck_out_tongue:

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:woman_shrugging: sorry I don’t have time to read every post. And you’re right a good place to start would be a private server. Then again perhaps they could use community volunteers to act as moderators. I’ve been a volunteer moderator in the past and it’s a rewarding position that also lets you put work experience on your resume. Again it’s just a suggestion.

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Yea I get not being able to read them all but there is actually a pinned post about this so that’s why I see it pointless to keep asking for it.

As for volunteers I doubt this will happen most game companies won’t do this and it tends to be for a good reason though it does have it’s place for sure. I bet there are dedicated servers that would take people up on that if they were looking for it.

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Trust me when I say that I agree with you, I doubt it will happen too. At this point I would just settle for a client that doesn’t crash every 30 minutes to an hour. I totally get your pessimism about this topic but I do think it’s good for players to vent in some respects as we never truly know what the devs will or will not listen to. If enough posts or voices are heard then perhaps it’ll cause a change in policy.

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True enough I’m just a bit jaded because I see many people crying being attacked or a player not playing the way they think they should. Also tons of people constantly wanted the game made easier.

So when I do see the posts I tend to have the same kinda response to all of them which is wrong. Because some ideas are actually good as long as there is a suggestion not just whining it’s worth the post the volunteer idea is an actual good one too

I can’t speak for PvP, I purposely avoid that myself because I like to win… and players are the hardest mode of them all :rofl:. As a PvE player I can say it’s annoying when someone builds a base that blocks off an entire section of the map or causes people to need to run around entire mountain ranges because they blocked the main avenue of access to said region. I agree, PvP would be very difficult to moderate.

I agree with the run around for sure I do have one base that kinda does this as I own a lake inside my base now on a pve server one of my close friends also is the owner of one of the brimstone caves on the same server as his base surrounded the entrance of it since very early in the server