Members Plus system (GM/ADMIN System)


I have noticed that alot or the official server’s have problems with player’s exploiting and breaking the game to make it harder on other player’s or to overall grief the players with unfair tactics like meshing and the old arrow exploit.

I have also noticed that funcom said they do not have the manpower or time I guess to input mmorpg style GM system.

I have read over alot of post of people saying that they cant play the game because cheaters and they are upset that nothing can be done about it so just an idea taken from a different gaming platform that is long dead where you could have members of the community trusted people for example firespark who has a love for this game where they was upgraded to member+ they would have the admin power to login to a server was and remove anything that was not allowed ie server meshing.

You could place a fourm for gamers to report said cheats with screenshot/videos and server id and the member+ could login with a downgraded admin system white listing maybe and remove the illege structures. They would also have to screenshot the server and the location to show they only removed what they was ment to and respond in a hidden form to say ticket 3216 fixed illege mesh screenshot given and location. There reward could be a funcom currency per ticket solves that could buy extra games or DLC in the future

You could also appoint a member plus plus who would manage the community keeping an eye to make sure no admin abuse is going on. Ect

Just an idea to try and help people’s

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[We can not] offer that kind of power to people outside of our company, sorry.
– Ignasis


Ow okay thats fair enough. You guys did with age of conan thought you could just transfer the idea over

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