There needs to be a way to report players in game

On Official server #1945 PvP - there are a number of hackers, and griefers with some truly disgusting names ruining the game play. I’m fine with PvP and as a rule just shrug this off as part of playing on Public Servers but it’s out of hand. I’ve reported them on Steam for offensive content (I can say who if there is interest) but I doubt there will be much done.

They talk openly about the hacks they’ve used before and are constantly filling the chat with vitriol. It’s not worth wading through the BS to play on Public Servers if there isn’t going to be some sort of mechanism to report players that make it past the anti-cheat system.

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Equally there is no point having a report system if nothing will be done with those reports.


The current attitude from FunCom seems to be “to bad, so sad” and one never really knows what Steam will do when you report someone.

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