Something need to report players using exploits and hacks

As of right now, I can go to various websites, or I can home-brew my own bot if I had the time and money, and maybe I get banned if Battleye catches something. However due to the growing nature of cyber security its becoming increase harder for people/hacks to be caught.
At the same time, if I find out there is a cheat that uses elixirs, or shields, or spears. If I find out there there is a exploit that if I do things just right I can clip into the ground and run around killing people I wont get banned. This is because Funcom/ or dev’s told players they are unable to help police servers.

This game needs a policing system, something to keep security and the “Even playing ground” proactive in combating hackers and exploiters. I concede that its gonna be abused but some guy saying “Someone built pillars here”, but if there is one case out of say 50-100 that demonstrates someone is hacking don’t you believe its imperative that one person gets banned?
If they are allowed to continue cheating then theres gonna be one more edge-cases of people who didn’t think about using hacks/exploits who all of a sudden goes off the edge and pays 35.99 USD to use such a hack so they don’t have to aim and so that they have an EVEN playing ground.

Overall the ability to fight hackers and exploiters is a long, constant fight that a companys have not beable to compete against, give powers to the players so that we can help Funcom fight against these hackers, give us the ability to help punish those who would otherwise turn a Great game sour.

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I totally agree. This is just a NONSENSE not having an official in-game support.

It’s NOT about developing another complicated in-game reporting system, but just having:

  • an admin on official servers (and you also should have a reserved slot for admins)
  • contact form where players can submit screenshots and details to those admins

And I still have NO IDEA why Funcom still doesn’t have those BASICS.

I am also totally FOR Steam policy and permanent ban of a Steam account without any option to recover it later. I am not sure that you can do so if you are not a Valve, but at least you could ban Steam ID across your own company.

Of course in ideal case there should be much better UI and option to submit reports in game for players and review them for admins both online and via web interface/notifications offline. Anyways, this would require much more investment to make it happen, while BASICS doesn’t require anything but adding a 1-2 reserved slots for admins like Half-Life engine does and just using a decent Support ticketing system, and in any case there ALWAYS should be clearly visible button on all websites/forum which says “SUPPORT”.

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