TOS v/s Landclaiming

Denile of game content from one player to another is a violation of the TOS and Game ettiquette impossed finally by Funcom. Abuse of the build options to limit or prevent players from access to ingame zones, services, resources and game content is a Ban-able offense. Official servers need to enforce this however the website page for reporting violations is nolonger functioning and the abuse continues today on the isle, an example :
Official Server PVE-Conflict # 8090 Zone 6C.
Playeror players have Landclaimed much of the isle and coastal waters edge with foundations, thereby preventing build, construction throughout the zone.
Again, this activity should be relegated to solo servers as this is greiving and harrassment v/s other players and a violation of the rules of conduct.

  1. We need a reporting service to address the multiple violations accross the official game servers.
  2. All other servers are moderated and can police themselves.
  3. players secking to play mindcraft can play as they like on solo servers or non-official servers.
  4. server rental is still a viable option and those can be moderated however, Official servers are lacking in response time, and repetative violations by the same clans or players continues.
  5. Funcom, stop being nice, Just Ban the violaters for good, all current players know the rules.

Set Decay timers on the official servers for Isle of Siptah PVE-Conflic, PVE and PVP servers as we have a serious violation of spam landclaim on all official servers, Ban violaters and reactivate reporting page online so official servers can be reported on when violations and server issues become severe.

Thank you.


THANK YOU! Awesome and so very true

Did you forget to switch from the sock puppet account to the main? :rofl:


Guess you didn’t read the sticky thread before posting this. They’ve been using/switched to Zendesk several months ago now.


For those utilizing computers this is fine however PS4 reporting is not available.

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Here’s the link that works with the PlayStation’s built-in browser.

For “request type” choose:

  • Report a Player (harassment, claim spam, exploit, etc.)

Really don’t know how to respond to this. Console players can report just fine and have since they started the whole reporting system and still later transitioned to Zendesk. Clearly you can type on the forums, so…

Reporting really feels like a drop in the bucket. You’ll get more sympathy from Crom than overworked Mods… and that won’t change even if you made people subscribe and hired a huge mod staff to patrol the servers.

You all know what I like for the solution… Let’s reuse those existing game assets in new and terrible ways!

This requires that I utilize an app to communicate and select images or videos to post to a computer site, this is problematic as I and many others do not know how to do this. We suould be able to post to a playstation forum using drag and drop images or vids to a reporting site on the ps4. This limits downtime for reporting and expedites communications with the game DEVS and makes it easier for players. The service should be player friendly not so problematic.

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What we need is an extantion on the nonebuilde zoned and link them together in many plases and redo the landclam system whit flags or somthing to limit the space we can clame.

The today system (or lack of a clear system) we dont realy know what will get you baned and everything is goen whit no warning or redemtion, just poff gone or you get baned. Whit no explanation. Spec when som clans exploit that system and miss use it to clear a server.

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