How long for TOS violation action in your experience?

Hi all,

I’ve reported a clan on an official server I play on for spamming land claim long enough to pass through 2 squares of the Siptah map. The spam is close to my base and it is preventing me from finishing my build (I’m solo, I’m building a very modest house) because “this land is already claimed.”
I was wondering - in your experience, how long has it taken Funcom to do anything about issues like this? I understand that we won’t hear back from them on the status of the report but I log in every day and see the claim outside my front door still so I see that nothing has been done yet. It’s been over a week so far and I’m starting to lose hope.


In my experience it takes them at least 7-14 days to investigate fully before action is implemented, and only if they deem it necessary to do so.

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Would be nice to get some feedback over these ‘tickets’.

Yes and it depends on numbers of tickets they received. First come first serve. But on average and if there is sufficient evidence the like you said 7-14 days

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