Land claim reports

I am hoping that you actually check the reports that come in for land claim and not just pop on the server long enough to ban the person/clan and destroy the building(s).

On one of my servers we had a clan that was deleted about 1.5 weeks ago for excessive land claim, they had between 15-20 buildings across the map most of which were empty and vastly reducing important resources. In the last couple of days we have had 2 other clans deleted, both of those builds while being big were not reducing any important resources.

That is a lot of bases to be deleted within such a short amount of time when I know of other servers that have not even had one base deleted so it is suspected that we have a serial reporter that is reporting every base on the map out of revenge for the first person being deleted, either because it is that person/clan using a secondary account or it is a friend of theirs. This is why I hope that you do investigate every report so that the system can not be used as a way to troll others. It is also unclear if you ban the land claim offenders from just that server, all official servers or the whole game.


I agree that these so called “excessive builds” need to be vetted. More people are reporting in that bases that do not violate the spam rules are being deleted, and it is very concerning.

What I am seeing is that players are reporting anything they do not like and FC is just on a deleting spree. This “play my way” issue is going to ruin this game.


Anyone can claim anything they like. Are any of them actually providing proof of this however? I could not tell you how many times I have seen people come to the forum to claim they have been banned for “no reason” or for “never breaking the rules” only to then end up admitting later on as to exactly which rule it was they broke. So without any evidence to support their “claims” that they do not violate the spam rules they are merely that, claims.

Are you actually seeing that? Do you physically see anyone making a report about anyone else? Do you physically see funcom just deleting anything on a whim? I’ll answer for you because it is obviously no. No you do not see anything like what you are claiming to see. Again, this is nothing other than a claim without evidence to support it.

That’s kinda what you are asking for also though. :woman_shrugging:


Are you actually seeing the opposite, or are you just assuming that people are saying that their bases have been deleted for no reason? You have zero proof, and are just playing the white knight card.


I am not the one making a positive claim thus I am not require to provide proof. You are making a claim that without providing any evidence to support it what so ever and now you are trying to deflect. Unless your entire argument is an Appeal to Ignorance Logical Falicy by claiming that “because no one has seen that Fucom ISN’T doing it therefor they MUST be doing it”. I am fairly sure you are far to smart to be going down that rout though. As least from what I have seen from other post you have made I would assume that you are.


What I am seeing is players that got bases THEY ADMIT broke TOS make a stink on the forums.

:point_up: See?

Yeah, that is not how that works. When you make a claim the onus is on YOU to prove that claim, not someone’s to disprove it. I don’t have to prove Bigfoot isn’t real…


The basis of the claims are that FC is deleting bases based on size and not on land claim spam. I normally would say this is sour grapes and players that claim this have broken the TOS somehow.

Yet I see and read what I consider legitimate posts of this happening arbitrarily against clans and players just because they have a large base, and the cheaters are using this to get them deleted. Normally I scoff at the “I was banned for no reason” posts, but I feel that there are legitimate issues going on with reporting of “cheaters” that are not violating TOS, but have very large bases.
This is just a “play my way” whine from typical nerf everything add limits players.


Well, I still wait for an answer from Ignasi what “spellchecker team” is :man_shrugging:. I believe that when a ticket is sent, this particular team may take an order to enter the server with the ticket and check the situation. I believe that at the time this team checks for the Zendesk ticket situation, their attention might stop somewhere else too, so this may be the reason you see more than one clans banned :man_shrugging:.
I remember with another person that we happen to play in the same servers, we had a conversation about a toxic clan, that was spamming and destroying all the others, maybe to use Zendesk for report . In this particular server I wasn’t active so I jumped in to make a pvp scout to all the builds this clan had and send photos with their ownership. Unfortunately they were nothing in front of other players huuuuge, massive builds and not just one. So I asked her, what will happen if this ticket will not be ban only the toxic clan? Some of the others build 3 to 10 times more.
And so I did nothing.
It is not a correct reaction.
People should respect the official servers rules and when we see a mistake we must report it, but…


Spellcheckers (or #spellchekkers :joy:) check for correct spellings of words. It’s usually handled by software, and not necessarily a person.


I bought into a few in the beginning. Then like a one-two punch they reveal they only built across J6-J7. Give them a break! This happened far too often, and therefore I sank back into simply surveying what people thought was big in the first place.

If on the other hand you’re empathizing with your neighbor, you’re a very much more noble person than I could have imagined. You deal with that Style Tragedy every time you trim some wood, yet it’s not enough to get the brother kicked.

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This must be it :wink:. Still why team? And under this #stillhiring#, is this a program too?
Thank you for the explanation, I own you a lot my dear friend :+1:t6:


Before Launch it was revealed Funcom Conan organized its workers into various Teams, but it’s much more like the Platoon structure to be honest. Each of these teams, for instance Vanguard, had a specific task to perform for the game. Another team was Terraforming. Calling them spellchekkers deliberately misspells the word, pokes fun at a regular human foible, and allows us all to relax just a bit about minor issues at their expense. By #stillhiring they’re further joking that each of these people are at risk of losing employment over continued errorors.


THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH. You see, you are computer wizards, for you these things are so easy, you can even understand the jokes they do to each other. I envy you so much.
@Barnes and @LordKAA, I love you guys, you are the best, thank you.


I love you too, friend. Too many people spend their time pretending to know when they don’t. You really cut through the putrid meat when you ask a simple question.

For the record, he’s a Lord, I’M a Shaman. :hugs:


I always ask when I don’t understand and I try to stay silent when I cannot handle what I don’t understand :man_shrugging:. If someone will tell me something that I don’t understand but it was obvious, I ask his forgiveness for my lack of concentration or my stupidity. I know that if you remain original nobody at the end will blame you for it, so I don’t pretend that I know, because for me, this is way worst than stupidity. Every one can be stupid sometimes, it’s normal, nobody is perfect. But my feelings for some of you guys and ladies here are always true. Thank you for the bottom of my heart, for my heart you are real friends.

Ps, I am just a farmer :rofl::rofl::rofl:


This got me thinking:
I too have read the posts of people being allegedly banned instead of the clan they reported, or being banned for land claim, while the cheaters they reported for cheating are still operating on the server. Assuming they speak the truth, funcom employees probably do just pop in on the server and check everything that is “bannable” in their eyes and delete it, to go to the next ticket and prevent possible future tickets from the inhabitants of this particular server. This would be quick, fair and shortsightedly work reducing.
So maybe your wariness to issue the ticket about the toxic clan was really appropriate. They would have deleted the bigger bases too. :anguished:

People should not be afraid to report toxic behavior if that might wipe out half of their servers population. And that’s where I can understand @JJDancer outrage. It’s just doesn’t feel right and creates a climate of fear to be reported by an enemy and mistrust against your neighbours. Even though you play after the rules, to the best of your knowlege. Assuming the reports from the banned where true.

Maybe they just made mistakes though, that’s also possible.

Too bad no one would post it when the righteously reported people actually got banned and the rest of the server lived happily ever after! Humans like to focus on the negative events. I’d like to see a post about a successful ban. I assume that happens too. But If we don’t know about those cases, we can’t just assume funcom is bad at dealing with player report tickets.

I really wished they made some statement regarding their ban policy on large bases to tackle the uncertainty that posts in the likes of “our base was just big and we got banned” create in the player base.


You did not include something that I feel is important which was while they were both big that they DID NOT reduce any resources or block any paths. One was on the ice of the frozen lake, so they were not in the way and nothing spawns there. The other was along the southern river just a little bit into the jungle and as far as I know they were not reducing resources. I did not see where either of those bases violated the rules so that is why I am wondering if FC is actually taking the time to look the reported base over or are they just going to the server and deleting it.

A base has to be fairly large just to contain all the alters that can not be closer than 8 blocks apart, the benches and animal pens…plus storage. So I expect most bases to on the bigger side and we have all be encouraged to build that way as part of the sales pitch for the game so I have always thought that one large base with all the stuff as long as it is not blocking resources and a small outpost near a farming area is just fine to have.

I also do not know if the bans are just for the server or all official servers or for the whole game.


For this one server the delete and ban was justified on the person/clan that had 15-20 different buildings on the server. Most of them were empty or just walls, he also was reducing the elephant population which is a very needed resource.

The other 2 happened about a week after the first delete so that is what is concerning the rest of the players on the server as we think that someone has done mass reports out of revenge. The big question is does FC actually take the time to investigate (look at) the reported structure or do they just go on the server and delete/ban the offender(s)?


It is just a fear, a speculation, I don’t believe they are unfair, I don’t believe that they just ban without checking. I have seen people and posts about Zendesk ticket success, or fair bans. I am not and I will never go against Funcom to anything. If their game doesn’t cover me or make me happy I can always play something else :man_shrugging:. Why should I come here after thousands hours of gaming to tell them that they failed. It has no base. I never ever in my gaming life since 1985 (first Atari console), spend so many hours in a game. So it would be very ungrateful to tell them that they failed, or they are wrong. It is their game, their rules and this is their forum, I am just a guest. I can only ask, wish, dream. I am not a king, I am a guest, in their house. Imagine a guest coming to your house with a box of chocolates, he demands for a glass of whiskey and if you don’t have to treat him he wants his chocolate box money back. Is this normal? And again, this is how I see things, I don’t say I am right and others are wrong, I never say that, because everyone is right from his point of view and no matter what i must respect his point of view even if i disagree.
I only own them gratitude, nothing else.


Fair enough, your OP presents two scenarios. One where you agree with the bans, the other where you are unsure. That is perfectly reasonable.

Making the jump from that to - Funcom is unfairly banning people and its happening often - is too great a leap.

Here is why. By your own admission FC does get bans right in some situations. There have been ZERO threads (to my knowledge) made on this subject where a banned person presented some evidence that FC unfairly (or even unreasonably in the consensus of forum posters) banned/demolished them. Its always stories coming from people that have been banned/demolished that have little reason to provide a fair perspective for the forum to pontificate on. There IS proof that Zendesk is not effective at addressing reports swiftly, we have screenshots of that here on the forum. This evidence runs counter to the claim that FC is tossing out bans willy-nilly.

We as a forum have to either blindly believe stories from banned players that FC is unfairly demolishing bases, get called names by childish people when we dare ask for proof, or get threads locked by moderators for discussing too closely the details of specific bans.

I hope STRONGLY that some player comes to the forum with a screenshot of the reason for banning by Zendesk and pictures of their base showing it to be untrue. Until that time, it is not unreasonable (OR MEAN) to believe that FC is implementing its rules fairly and diligently.