Abusing of Reporting System

Hello Funcom,

my whole clan got banned because of “landclaim”, that we should have done.

The Problem for us is, that this ban is caused by a report a Player/Clan made, who are abusing the reporting system to get their enemies banned.
On every server we fought against them, they reported us for any reason just to get us banned.

And sadly they have success with it.

On the acutal ban, we dont even know what we should have done wrong.
In our eyes, there was no abuse of landclaim. We did not block any resources surely.

If our building were not confirm with the server rules, there should be more then 80% of all other buildings banned for the same reason, and i dont belive this can be right.

Dear Funcom, it does not make much fun to play with people who report you for any reason they can find and have success with this.
This is abusing of the reporting System!

Is there any way for you to prevent us playerrs from someone who is abusing the reporting system?

If not, i have to say i´m going to abuse the reporting system aswell.
I mean, just against these guys who are abusing it too, but i will.

And if i get another ban for no clear reason, i will have to use the cashback function on steam. :frowning:

This really kills the game for me…

Hope you can find a way to improve this.


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