Land claim reports

The concern on the server is that someone is doing mass reporting either as revenge for the first delete/ban or just as a way to troll others. Like I said there have been 3 deletes/bans within a 2 week period so myself and others have concerns of why this sudden rash of deletes/bans is occurring and if these reports are being fully investigated or just acted up.

I thought I would be the brave one and bring the concern here.


Well from my point of view with what I have seen on the Forum form those complaining about offenses and those that have been banned there seems to be quite a bit of time going into investigation before any thing is done. Can’t see them changing routines all of a sudden. Plus people have been banned for more than building you don’t know what sort of verbal exchange may have been presented not saying that it happened but a thought.


I see no bravery here, sorry. All I see is a question that doesn’t demand bravery at all. If however your original thought is that “they don’t do their job good”, then all this post is not based on bravery but in Audacity, witch is totally different. I really hope this is not your original thought.


You can do hundred reports-but no one will be deleted if they not violate the rules.And finaly you will be banned for false reports.
And i think you not read rules.You think ban can be just for blocking.But there is other points.Maybe these bases reduce server performance


That is very possible. I would go further and say probable. It isn’t that hard for me to believe a disgruntled player would resort to reporting as an act of revenge. However, if they create a bunch of false reports, I believe action is taken against them.

I also don’t think there is a problem with asking “hey forum, do you think FC is unfairly banning people, if so why/why not?”. However, most often it is presented as definitely happening.

The biggest issue with that is that it implies a need for a call to action. If FC is in fact unfairly banning people we as a community should makes our disapproval known to FC and demand change.

This is why evidence is important. A call to action requires due diligence. Any call to action done without or in spite of evidence is coercing - either willfully or in ignorance.


It’s for all official servers. Banned players still have access to single player as well as private servers and the ability to create their own.

I’m not sure if they ever give full game bans but have never heard of it. If you’re on console there is the chance you can be banned from Xbox live or PSN but that’s a very extreme and rare thing, usually you will only receive temporary and/or partial bans.

For example I had a friend who got banned from chat for two weeks on Xbox live for what even he said was toxic behavior. He could still play games during the ban, but could not use game chat or send messages to other players

Importantly though these would need to be reports made to the console companies and not to FC, and would need to be breaking the TOS of the console not the game


This can’t be said often enough. So far, most of the complaints I’ve seen here have come from people who had the wrong idea about the rules.

Some seem to think the rules are just about claim spam. Others seem to think it’s about the size of your base or how many bases you have. Yet others think it’s just about blocking NPCs and bosses.

It’s like nobody can be bothered to read the rules, despite the fact that they went to the trouble of creating an account on the forum that hosts those rules.


there are some serious problems with the wording and ambiguity of the rules, merely playing a server will impact its performance, and any base can impact client side performance if they are playing the game on the highest settings with minimum specs.

Massive is very subjective and they give no examples and place no in game restrictions.

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Also to further advance on that point on blocking of content, resources? what resources? rocks are resources, trees are resources, where do you draw the line? underwater brim? godsclaw rock and iron nodes?.

it is hard to make a base without despawning some resource somewhere, where is the line drawn? if they just mean “don’t build over brimlake” or resource x y z, maybe they should say so.

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Before Funcom G-Portal have to focus on banning the cheaters that affect the gaming playing and destroy the game and pushing the people to quit the game after their long farming.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s gonna be the same old “arguments” again, isn’t it?

Like I said, deja moo.

Look, we all know they’re not suddenly deleting sandstone shacks because someone complained about them while playing on highest settings with minimum specs, and we all know they’re not suddenly banning people because their mere presence is affecting server performance.

In other words, we all know this is FUD.

Which should tell you all you need about the nature of the problem: it’s not solvable by simple numeric limits that could be implemented in-game. You know how you can tell? They already implemented one kind of limit – the follower limit – so it’s not like they would have reservations about implementing this if they knew it would solve the problem.

Same fallacy as above.

Or maybe people should be more careful about what they despawn. “Don’t build over brimlake” is just another way of giving trolls and griefers more ways of playing victim. “But I didn’t build over brimlake, and you still banned me, this is unfair!”

That’s why I hope they don’t put numbers into the rules, because as soon as they say “N foundations” – even as an example, let alone a rule – you’ll have asshats building N-1 maliciously and then complaining when they get slapped by Funcom.

Honestly, I can’t see why they keep bothering. They should just go back to the “good old days” of Wild West on the official servers, let everyone fend for themselves.

Someone doesn’t like your face? Boom, you’re walled in, nothing to do about it. Server crippled by multiple mega-builds around every obelisk? Tough luck, find a better server. People saying they’ll rape you in global chat and building swastika-shaped buildings? Grow a thicker skin. Someone got butthurt over some perceived insult and decided to pave over the only guaranteed sabretooth kitten spot on Siptah? Too bad, deal with it. Did someone build their castle right by the Tower of Bats and then plopped down a gigantic spiderweb of claim spam all the way down to the river and halfway to the Sinkhole, just to make sure nobody will take up “their space”? Find another spot, you have the whole server, this is “theirs”.

Maybe that would be better? Oh, wait, no, it wouldn’t, because people used to complain about that too. And rightly so.

“I don’t know what rules I broke” is not the same as “I was punished unfairly”. I’ll believe someone was punished unfairly when I see some damn proof.


Here’s why that is:

I would think that the support representative probably handles cleaning up a server like many of us private server admins do (we’re all human). Do we care about blocking rocks and iron? Probably not. Unless there’s some attempt to actually reduce them on a large scale.

A boss spawn? Well that depends. Does the boss drop anything unique? Does it have other spawns players have access to? Does it LOOK like it was intentionally blocked? If I see a nice looking castle where a Black Rhino should be, I’ll leave it be. If I see sporadic foundations around. Banstick is coming out. If I can’t figure out what the heck they were trying to do, I’ll demo it. Its not rocket science.

As for Brimstone Lake, its not a no-build zone, why would they say not to build there? But if you lock out every brimstone node. Well… your ‘pretty’ build is now affecting most of the server. As the saying goes, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of a few.

Its pretty simple, build what you need. Don’t hurt the server (by massive junk that bogs it down), don’t hurt other players (by blocking all of a resource/spawn), and play nice and fair.

At this point I am really beginning to doubt many of you are finding the rules this ambiguous and are simply trying to rule-lawyer up and get a loophole. This stuff has been broken down barney style many times already.


The reason u think this is happening (the “play my way”) is because u mainly read and have feedback from the side of the ones who got banned, and not from all sides probably(this way u lack to see all sides of truth, but instead u see only one side of it). I have witnessed useless landclaims , clans that block others just cause they think they r alphas in PVE(!!!) , and not allow others to build at desired size (like FC put em in charge to decide what anyone can build) , and clans blocking entire areas cause they had a build in single player and throught it was a good idea to transfer it to live servers (lets say i have witnessed the entire savanah been one base , walled with all animals despawned Cause they thought it was their territory ,ignoring the obvious that there r other playing in same server and they ruin the game play … i have withnessed half the brimlake despawned cause someone wanted pools in his castle…)
We should not be hasty and judge before we see all sides of a story… I stand strongly with FC in attending these situations and banning the ones who believe the server only serves their needs and the rest r just peasants that play along (the single or coop or the server rental option exists for the ones that like to OWN a server …
So yeah, FC thank u for taking acts… Helps playerbase a lot…


It is utopic to believe, that the persons who acted this way in official servers and lead the company and the game to so many problems, that they would accept the rules and their ban, just like that. These people are getting banned from companies and feel no shame, instead of this they feel offended, no, it is the companys fault not mine 🤦🏼.
Whenever they can cheat, abuse, they will.
Pity. Still I am happy these actions from the company are working and removing the weeds from this beautiful garden.


I got to get them to share their banlist though. The problem with officials banning peeps is they come crawling to the servers I play on and bring their baggage with them.


It is not only one time that I suggested for admins in private servers should have a reporting mechanism against players except bann. If a player will receive some bans from private servers, then only sp for him :man_shrugging: for some months at least.

if the forums were less hostile with funcom fanboys running defence 24/7 maybe the game wouldn’t be bleeding population, maybe they could take some of the constructive criticism and build on it.

The rules are ambiguous, that is a fact.

you are the one casting aspersions as if “we all know”, I and many will have zero idea what they are deleting without any warning, in part what they define as “massive” due to their very ambiguous phrasing, I personally would just like either more clarification or as you mentioned earlier a block/landclaim radius limit by design.

Furthermore funcoms own social media is littered with examples of possible rule violations, so the very material they are promoting, such as the pillow fort on twitter or even some of the base images on the product store page are likely to be against their official play rules though due to the ambiguity who knows, maybe if its used in a promotion its good, if you actually do it on official bad? :slight_smile: .


Or you could argue that if the forums were less hostile with funcom haters that have no idea what they are talking about an are unwilling to read or even look at reality most of the time and just repeat the same old tired dribble constantly, then maybe they could take some of the constructive criticism and build on it. But then you know, there would actually have to BE constructive criticism in the first place. And the very fact that you, and others like you, target someone who has been rather critical of funcom at various points to single out as the “funcom fanboy always in their defense” just shows how blind to reality you really are.

No, that is only how you CHOSE to perceive them. They are actually quite clear if you WANT to read them, which you obviously do not. Because you have this false belief that as long as you do not believe that they make sense then you someone cannot be held accountable for them. Guess what, they do make sense and you can be held accountable.

Yes, those horrible images which, if you bothered to watch the streams, they even talked about using mods to help create. You know, MODS… things that don’t exist on Offical servers. Which means…THEY AREN’T ON OFFICIAL SERVERS. :woman_facepalming: But again, why bother to look at facts or reality when you can bury your head in the sand and live in fantasy world right? Everything makes sense when you just BELIEVE that it does right? It doesn’t matter if it actually does so long as you simply BELIEVE that it does. Sorry, that’s simply not how reality works Raskhaul.


great argument, disregard promotional material, watch every single stream subscribe to every devs twitter feed and personally engage with them on discord, and then we will clearly know the subtext of the rules its obvious to everyone who plays the game!.

I did read the rules and quoted them as they are clearly ambiguous and them being ambiguous is constructive criticism, but please send more paragraphs and paragraphs which doesn’t prove my point in the least…


Yeah, clearly you still haven’t gotten past the concept of burying your head in the sand and ignoring reality and refusing to read anything in front of you. Good job there mate! :woman_facepalming:

Keep playing the part of the troll while claiming to be the poor persecuted victim.

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