What is the "Report" feature in the Chat Window?

We have introduced a Report feature to our chat window to simplify and streamline reporting players who are breaking our Rules of Conduct concerning various forms of chat harassment.

To use this feature, simply right click the name of a person who you believe in violation of the Terms of Service and chose “Report”. This player will be immediately placed on your ignore list and an automated message will be sent to our GMs. We will review the reported text and determine the appropriate action to be taken.

What happens if I click it by mistake?
Not Much. :smiley: We review all reports individually and will do our best to take context and mistakes into account. You can simply type “/ignore [characterName]” into your chat window and remove the Ignored status.

Will you contact me after I report someone?
No. One of the things that helps streamline this system is the reduced cost to our Customer Service Staff. You can quickly and efficiently report something offensive. We can quickly review what was said in context and take the appropriate action without having a conversation with each player that reports something said in Global Chat.

What if I need to report them for something that isn’t profane harassment or spamming?
Please feel free to contact us through the petition tool(/petition). We want all chat related reports to come through the tool so that we are more efficient with our time, but we still want to hear from you concerning other behaviors that may be problematic.