New "report player" button


I’ve noticed there is a now a “report player” button when right clicking someone. But it doesn’t even ask for a reason (?) and adds them straight to your ignore list. Was this maybe added before it’s ready? :stuck_out_tongue:

I used it on a random player near me (sorry Sherry) expecting to see a little box pop up asking for a reason but it just said “A report has been generated for this player, and they have been added to your ignore list.” No confirmation needed or anything.

I didn’t see anything about this in the patch notes either.

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It was posted earlier in the support section.

Ah yea thanks, couldn’t find it somehow.

" We will review the reported text and determine the appropriate action to be taken."

But how to write? when i click it immediately report ad thats it no ay to write something

p.s. I suppose they got thousands of report in this hour since if all did like me, I reported a lot of people chatting normally in global to try to check the option xD

They mean they will look over the reported persons recent chat history and determine if they violated the rules or not. Frankly i think it’s a stupid idea. they’re gonna get spammed with reports lol. But funcom never does think about pitfalls before implementing things… :roll_eyes:

@lurvi its specifically for “Chat harassment” You have to use the regular petition system for any other issues.

so we don’t use this to report AFKs or hackers in minis? or?

Indeed its more easy than that writing on petition but too easy because it could be abused. The famous guy shutting REPORTED! on global will be the happiest one :policeman:

anyways we’d like a way to streamline reports regarding AFKs/hackers in minis aswell.

currently the petition system is not working at all. best case ppl get 2 day bans or something, then are back again trolling minis for years until the next time.


Buttons gone after hotfix

Can’t say im disappointed

That was quick xD, it seems report button has been…reported too much and banned for good!

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I think the Report button is a great idea. If someone gets reported plenty of times then funcom can look into it. If they start to bann a few people for using (for example comber) in minis. Then the interest in using one of those programs will be much lower.
I remember not long ago some guys did some pve exploiting and got banned for a week. After that i’ve never seen those people do it again.

I think the game needs a button like this. Ofc it should ask WHY you report.

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The report button is designed only as a method of reporting players for chat harassment not for exploding game mechanics or cheating

Report player button should be for issues which require fast response, like afk trolls in mini. Harrassment in chat is not 1 of those.


Agreed, just use ignore button. Words dont hurt.

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I think it stems from people abusing the petition system to file reports on players for things they consider offensive but don’t necessarily fall under a tos violation. And funcom got sick of having to review every petition individually and contact each person about it in game via a gm. I mean it makes sense. This is considered a back burner game by funcom and they only have so many staff to handle issues across every game they manage. This tool apparently makes reviewing a petition regarding chat abuse easy and efficient but somehow they broke the game with it so I suspect they’ll shelve it til they can figure out why. If they ever do.

Most likely, i see it will speed things on their part. Hopefully real issue petitions though will remain on highest priority and be resolved first.

Since its gone at least for now, not sure if it will return. On paper it’s a good idea but I suspect it could be wildly abused leaving more work for Funcom. It would be nice to see the Rules of Conduct for chat enforced a bit more. If you petition every transgression you’d never get anything done in the game

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I found there will be many that abuse it. And also, it’s easy for funcom to put abusers on ignore like we can too :slight_smile:

Any clickable link/button that just insta does stuff without “Do you really want to? Yes/No” question is going to lead to mistakes and abuse. Same goes for “Leave” guild or Kick from… and especially putting it next to “Inspect player equipment” with not even spacer in between.