Can not delete my petition

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would really appreciate if reporting someone would not block me from writing a petition.
Recently a friend of mine got banned for saying some comperatively tame things, yet others are running around insulting mine and my friends mothers, calling my friend a dumb b*tch. I have screenshots, i’m not sure where im supposed to upload them.

Thank you for your attention,

There is a report player function ingame that does not require you to submit a petition or screenshots.
You right click on the players name in the chat menu and you get a menu of choices … move your cursor to the “report player” option and select it … this does two things:
A) it automatically puts that character name into your Ignore list
B) it sends an alert to Funcom’s GM system to investigate the chat logs around that time for what that player has recently been typing.

Yet everytime I’ve reported someone for saying cursing my mother or wishing cancer on my family they don’t get banned. The report function seems quite useless.

It literally says “Player reported 18 times”, come on

Hmm so is this just gonna be ignored?

I can not delete or update my petition, It just shows the last person I reported. Please help.