How do I report Harassment?

If you witness or are targeted by Racial, Sexual or Profane Harassment, please report the offending player. This is a violation of our Rules of Conduct.

Reporting Harassment

When you see the offensive messages, please right click the players name in chat and choose the “Report” option. They will automatically be placed on ignore and GMs will receive a report with the offensive messages. We will investigate and take the appropriate action.

Do NOT try to correct or moderate this player. It is better to allow GMs to investigate and take the action instead of trying to moderate a player on your own.

Do NOT lash out at this player. The fact that you have been targeted by offensive, hateful, racist, profane language does not give you a license to wield the same types of language at the other individual. Once they’ve been reported, leave them ignored in your chat window and you will not be confronted by them in Chat again.

We will do our best to respond to these reports and take action as quickly as we can.