Harassment - How to address?

What do I do if someone is trying to find personal real life info on me based on my steam profile to harass my family because of this game? I have screenshots of a guy saying how he got personal information about me and he is threatening to send sexual explicit images (of himself) to my family members of i dont quit an official server?

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I hope he doesnt, and I hope the game developers do the right thing here, a threat like this, even idle threat is serious in doxxing. And if they ignore it and let it continue and he does it AFTER (this post) they have been made aware of the threats, could be some liability there.

I am sorry that this is happening to you but when are you people all going to learn to not share any private information on your public profiles that you don’t want others to find? :woman_shrugging: There are some sick people on internet. I don’t think Funcom is to be held liable here, the offenders took the info from your Steam profile from what I understand. If the person really does what they say they will do, report it to the police and let them handle it.

EDIT: meanwhile ignore/block the guys and play your game.


If someone gets threats over the phone, is the phone company responsible?

Also neither of you know what doxxing is…

Is your name (or other info you had there) even so special they can be 100% sure who your mom is?

Also, no naming and shaming on the forum…

Since you can access his steam profile as well (at least get the number of it in case it’s private), you should report him to the steam support and maybe also consider legal actions (not sure how / where to report this to the police) since with his steam profile being tracked, it should be easier to identify its owner.


I reported it to steam as well, thanks for the suggestion.

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As others said, definitely consider legal action. Your local District Attorney or State Attorney General is a good place to start. The FBI (they have a section for internet based stuff) might even be needed if they live in a different state or country.

Since they have to have a steam account to play Conan. Their information and identity is easy for law enforcement to get their identity through Valve. You may be able to use that in to obtain a restraining order.

They screwed up big time by making threats in the manner they did. They Identified you, made a demand, and even identified a target to send the explicit material.

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I now have a screenshot of them posting my full name in chat and saying my phone is going to ring off the hook

Yea I wont post that. I did message them when it was first threatened and now again when he showed my info in chat.

I havent heard back yet.

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funcom easy answer.

this is the answer for griefing, harassment, threats and trolls
We are truly sorry if you’re experiencing issues with harassment and griefing. We are aware that this is frustrating and we are trying to address this as best as we can within our possibilities. We can unfortunately not provide traditional MMO style in-game GM support for Conan Exiles. Let me explain a bit further: There are over 1,000 official servers for Conan Exiles currently in operation as well as over 20,000 servers hosted by players themselves. We provide over one thousand official serv…

this is players helping players word for word answer i got
they will also supply you with a link that sends you to one of the FC staff members inbox.

i was in your shoes 1 years ago. i sent a pm to a mod from the forum it… they sent me a message, after 41 days, saying i should just find another server and that the screens ihad were probably edited even if im totally clueless on how to use picture modifying porgrams.
i was harassed, trolled, death threats in game on discord and facebook like many others on the server i was on.
my best suggestion: get the cops on it so they can knock some common sense in the head of the people threatening you, hire a lawyer overseas in norway, oslo and one in durham california then sue fc if they dont act to fix this for good.

@WanderingJarlPuncher yet, you are here alive and well, enjoying the game like the rest of us …

yup cuz i erased my fb changed my discord account, made a new email stopped playing for 1 year.
you know whats worst? the only thing that happened from this is that FC never lifted a â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  finger and told us all to change servers and do nothing.
worst, when we exposed this situation we got so many 2 weeks suspension from the forums, because we made posts about the situation being totally out of hand, we could problaly lock out the whole community for a year.

when threats are going that far south in game and it leads to irl harassement its the games company to step up and act to protect its players. not flip its player base off with pre made answers and lame excuses.

i will gladly stand up for Fc when they are innocent!
but from the stuff thats been on going when the player base was being decimated by griefers, hackers, troll, and players threatening harassing other players… its hard to stand up for them. so again the above tip is the best option. send a message to fc about it, call the cops. if fc doesnt stand up to protect its customers you gotta do what you gotta do. also to ignasis before you reply. its not fear mongering its what any normal person should do.

Stopped playing video games online for 2 years, that must have been a huge sacrifice. You should stop using your phone too because people can track these as well, you know.

just conan
also narelle, ignore and block are not working.
they work as long as you don’t log. so basicly you have to reblock and re-ignore the person, every time you log into the game, who can just log out and log back in to brak the ignore and block.

Game companies neither can nor should handle criminal matters such as death threats or real-life harassment. That’s a matter for the police.


they can ban players from their games. funcom has the power not gportal. if there is undenyable proofs.
1- baning players that do harass and send threats to other players is step one of clearing out the issues towards reducing the toxicity from the player base.
2- calling the cops to fix this. hire lawyer, since its probably in usa, and let the system work its magic.

on this fine note. im out. see you all later. hopefully this meets an happy ending.

Can and should. Sure, no argument. Just saying that anything further is out of their scope.


Speaking from experience, Funcom WILL ban players who harass/threaten you IRL. Not sure of all the requirements.

Document extremely well.

Your post should include an @Funcom that will draw attention to your post. Someone will see it, maybe they will drop you are message on the board.

Sorry you are dealing with this.

Took months of harassment from a guy before he started trolling my name/location (state/city) and threatening to come find me.

A legit lunatic, we called the police twice, just to make note incase something weird happened.

He followed me to two additional servers after that.

Finally lost him after I vanished myself on steam the best that I could.

Funcom DID ban his character. But he still played on his room-mates account.

Point taken Narelle, now that the mods have seen it I removed the info.

By the sound of it, you have it handled and the guys are going to be in a lot of trouble.

P.S. A piece of advice, stop sharing personal information, you keep giving private details about yourself and your family …