Guy threatening to steal ip addresses and harassing people through steam

theres a guy in our server who threatens to steal peoples ips through steam. he also spams reports to funcome in attempts to get people ban. being in the alpha clan weve raided these guys to oblivion in an attempt to get them off the server. however this had no affect as it seems they only like to harass people verbally as much as possible. how do i help my clan mates and other players combat this. its making people leave the server

we even tried reporting the dude to steam

I wouldn’t worry too much about him. People who claim they can ‘hack’ you through Steam are talking out of their ■■■. Real hackers don’t give you advance warning before they hijack your system.

Its not like he even has your details unless he runs the private server or is able to hack and hijack that private server so he can look at the console and see your IP address, which I’ll bet he can’t even do. He likely doesn’t even know which Steam account is yours.

The game should allow you to mute people though.

you can actually mute ppl via admin panel in game only if you host/admin server

Also: One person mass-reporting several people over steam will most likely be filtered by their report system. He should be more worried about the fact that your whole clan could report him which would look completely diffrent since its several people reporting the same player.
If you have screenshots of his messages or chat logs you have additional evidence.

Thanks guys forgot to update. We ended up carpet bombing the dude and had 3 people stay around spawn and kill him on repeat till he decided to leave till reset. After reset we managed to get a server and havent seen him since.