What can I do about a stalker who has assumed my identity?

There is a player on my server (PvE Conflict 1041) who has assumed my name and clan name and is pretending to be me, but is insulting other players, attacking them and generally being unpleasant, presumably in an effort to make other people dislike me. What can I do about this?

How exactly are they accomplishing this? Do they have same name in the player’s list as you?

Yes, they have the same name, and their account is in that name, followed by an assigned number. My name is not the same as my account name. This person only appeared in the last few days, but interestingly enough, are using the building that belonged that another player I had a disagreement with (well, everyone had disagreements with this player, who is a singularly unpleasant individual).

Ok, so they have their in game name and clan same as yours but the Funcom ID shows your name followed by # and a series of numbers correct?

Sounds like they bought an alt and changed the account name to yours to grief you.

Now what are they saying, exactly?

Well, today is the first day I noticed it. This person is basically aping my words, but also according to another player online this evening, was previously (in my persona) insulting other players, and also ambushing new players and taking all their things.

Ok, get a screenshot of the chats and player list that shows their name, clan and Funcom ID. Then submit a ticket through Zendesk.

The Funcom ID and screenshots of chats are very important.

Do not talk to them. Ignore them. Play as normal with your usual interactions.

Keep in mind Zendesk might not be able to do anything if it doesn’t actually break any rules. Read the Terms of Conduct, Guidelines and Procedures to see if they’re doing anything listed and mention it in your report.


Thank you, I already took those screenshots, and resisted the urge to tell them that I was reporting them. I did try to file a report in game, but got no email back, so thought I might be missing something. I will return and if they are still on, will take additional screenshots. The guidelines are somewhat vague, but I suspect this falls under the broad heading of “stalking” :wink:

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Yes could be.

They are looking to get a rise out of you so keeping silent is helpful. They could simply get bored while waiting for the report to be viewed too if you don’t play their game.

They aren’t going to get in trouble for killing and looting though, PVE-C allows that.

The rest though, not what I would consider acceptable behavior. I hope the report resolves this.


Hello I am the person being talked about to in this post.

I am a person who likes to pvp, for some reason that is demonized on this server. I killed this person once ever in the game, this is where the problems for me began. There is nothing wrong with killing people during pvp hours, it literally is the game.

What is not mentioned in this post is that this person likes to gather a mob of listeners on the server specifically German speaking people. Turn that mob against me in this instance, that mob constantly talks bad to and about me.

There are no rules about changing names to try and get heat off you. I have not “stalked” this person. In fact their group of friends have literally built outside my base to taunt, which is more in line of stalking if you ask me.

This person also likes to gloat that they mute me every time they login and continues to talk bad on my name (many times in German to the big population of German players). ALL because I killed this person once. All in all I never mention the person ever, my name is constantly in this persons mouth. Because of getting sad after getting killed once. That is the type of person you are dealing with here.

Thanks all, be well and stay safe!

Changing names as in recreating character and clan? Ok, fine.

A little much.

But did you use an alt to change your FuncomID to their name? That’s a bit next level if so.

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Why is character name or clan name one thing but funcomid is next level?

But no, my FuncomID is not the same as theirs with numbers added to it as suggested. It is the same as the character name. Pretty easy to distinguish between the two.

Also anyone can contact Funcom and have their ID changed.

This is a person who thinks they play on a PVE server and got killed once in their lifetime and got real sad and hurt.

But from seeing this person talk about smoking and drinking all the time, I am not surprised by the behavior.

Them behaving in this manner is not ok.

But your behaviour doesn’t mean it’s ok to do just because they’re a whiny bitch.

What you did is worse than them whining.

You clearly did not read all I wrote. Whining is one thing, talking bad on my name to the whole server and painting a picture of me for no reason? Getting verbally harassed by all these people just for wanting to pvp?

Constant plotting and talking ill in a different language which I don’t speak.

Gathering mobs against me, building and blocking my base (which is also against the rules)

Come on now, I changed my name to confuse them. Ohhhhh the horror, is it my fault the game allows the same character name?

I am only here talking because someone on the server told me that this post had been made.

Welcome to PVE-C/PVP, where shit talking and whining is normal.

Isn’t this normal PVE-C behaviour though? Most hiding in their bases quivering at the reality of actually getting KOS’d?

You could have continued to simply play but you chose to do something that could have worse ramifications for them. Because it is harder for legitimate reports to get actioned on as a result of you impersonating them. Or is that what your intent really was?

But good to know Funcom willy nilly changes FuncomIDs now. They used to hem and haw about it. I wonder what your excuse was though?

I appreciate you coming forward regarding the other side of the coin. I don’t really have any sympathy for them now. But really, you didn’t do any favors for admitting to changing not only your in game character name, clan but ALSO your funcomID because you have a grudge.


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Call it a grudge if you want, but me changing the name was strategically good for me in pvp and thats it.

Imagine trying to use admins to fight your pvp battles for you.

This thread is a very good example on why players are not great judges on what should or shouldn’t be actioned. When I initially saw the OP I thought to simply report it to the forum mods since its about adverse actions ingame and that usually needs to be handled by Zendesk, but I decided not to in order to see where it goes. It did not disappoint.

We have the OP claiming to be impersonated. We have the person who did it, claiming to be harassed by the OP.

And a third party who without evidence took one side until they saw the other, and switched their opinion, again without any evidence. All it takes is a forum account, a story written (not even well), and you can easily get people to follow it along. We’re not even 100% sure these players even play on said server. Or that they aren’t the same person just looking to troll for that matter.

leeviajero and Lavarana continue on with your cases towards each other as if I didn’t say anything. I want to see where this goes.

sigh… and this is why I play PvE. Sure, there’s asshats in PvE as well, but at least I don’t have to deal with kills and retaliation. I hate being competitive and hate the excessive pride that comes with it. :unamused:


You can have competition without pride and ego getting in the way. Its one of the reasons I enjoy PVP with RP on the side as the driving force. It allows interesting outcomes even when a side ‘loses’, but unfortunately even there people get their feelings hurt and do weird things.

If these two individuals have done what they’ve said, they’ve both done things that are a bit beyond what PVPers should be doing. Its just unneeded drama.

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IMO a good player in a PvP setting is one who can accept and move on from loss. Some just can’t.

This whole thing reeks of immature, emotionally unintelligent players lol


Yeah… I think I just don’t like the anxiety-inducing feeling of PvP, especially when I’m not any good at it. :rofl: I’m a dirty casual PvEer. I’d much rather enjoy building, exploring, and the occasional dungeon with friends than the PvP side. If these guys don’t like PvP, or can’t handle it correctly, maybe they need to chill out like I do. Lol.:joy:

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