Changing FuncomID name

I bought his game a looooong time ago, and when I logged back in, my funcomID was an old account name that got doxxed and had a lot of personal info put out about it. I was wondering if there is a way to change my funcomID in game to this one? Or to just change the funcomID’s name in game?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!!!

From what I’ve quickly read on the forums, the only way it seems is to message a mod like @/Ignasi. However I can’t seem to compose a new email. I’m really sorry for being so green

Don’t send message to forum mods, go to funcom zendestk and send ticket.

Well, I tried, but there doesn’t seem to be a category that fits, so… fingers crossed

They don’t do that. I submit a request 2 months ago because my Funcom ID helped a stalker to keep harassing me. He threatened me in RealLife and since then I can’t play in the ‘field of interest’ i used to play anymore, at least not with this account. Its just one person and he is making such a fuss and I am just tired of explaining the whole situation over and over and over and over and over again that I really just prefer to have another ID instead of getting PMs with “Hey ain’t you that player with that story of … yadda yadda yadda”

Anyhow. If you want to have a different ID you can make another Steam-Account and Family-Share the Game. This works fine for any kind of non-official-servers. I don’t know if it works for official servers.

It doesn’t.

That is odd, because there used to be one for it, but you are correct, it is not there any longer. Just ping @cummunity until they answer you I guess.

Actually there was one for it. I used it two months ago and now its gone.

As said, they don’t change the Funcom ID unless the Real Name is readable. Thats what the Supporter in my ticket replied. Otherwise they can’t help.

Since then, at least my case, is being ignored.

That is. . . exactly what I just said. It WAS there, and now it is NOT.

Okay. Yeah, no offense I just wanted to support what you’ve said.

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