Change funcom ID?

Can we change our funcom ID? it literally just made it something dumb i had set as my steam name, i’d like to change it to a proper username.

Hello oskays,
Have you tried changing your steam name to see if the modification also affects that new ID ?

Haven’t got the time to see by myself and I’m still at work but I’m curious :smiley_cat:

Not op, but I tried changing my steam name and the Funcom ID stayed the same, I do hope that Funcom lets us change the ID, or at least they should’ve gave us a choice to create one ourselves upon logging in with the new system for a first time.

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What for it is needed and how we survived without it?

Could it be the error of “identification” which then causes game to be blind of the internet connection, be caused by steam and funcom ids not being identical?

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And why can you see a player ingame, and on steam it says there is no players on that server, and why are the names hidden now on the list of players, you might as well turn the list of completely its useless.

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