How to unlink Funcom ID from Steam or change it?

I’m aware this question has been asked before, but not a single good answer has been given. Imagine you had put your email address as your Funcom ID, not understanding that it was going to be broadcasted to anyone you ever entered a server with and there was not a single thing you could do to change it or hide it short of never playing a Funcom game again. It’s ridiculous, and there should be workarounds for it. I put in a ticket nearly two months ago but haven’t heard a peep, so I’m trying for answers here now.

Ask the forum admins. If there is personal information in your funcom id, it is your right to change it.

I am extremely new to the forums, only just made this account. Who are the forum admins and how do I contact them? Ping them in this thread, make a new one or DM them?

@Community if you can help this new guy to change his funcom ID, thanks!

Also click on my name and a tab will pull down and you can use private messaging to get help

The main people I see
Is @Hugo. @Ignasi. @AndyB I would put the other 3 but I don’t remember how to spell the lol

Ps unordered to message someone like that you must build your trust level in the forums read all of the forums categories and follow the information to get you going hope that helps

When you get no response, that means NO.
Everyone has to spy on you today. Get used to it.

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