Funcom ID Change

I just wasted a week waiting for a reply to be told the change can only be made if its like a legal name etc.

It doesnt say that when you apply. It just says you can make one change.

This is very poor customer service. Has any other player had similar problems?

Or are you going to delete this message because I am complaining?

Legal as in not offensive?
I had to do a FC ID change for an account I set up for my boyfriend (he is on deployment and asked me to set up a new account for him) and had no issues.

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I think they mean that you can only change it if your current Funcom ID is something like your legal name, or something similar that involves a privacy concern.

I’ve explained to them its a name i use in other non gaming areas.

What I’m upset about is that the ID change page just says you can make one change. It doesn’t say anything about legal name. So they’ve kep me waiting 9 days and ignored me. Then when I complained on this forum, within an hour they replied to my application negatively.

Also, they then closed the application. But when I came back here to complain again they have REOPENED my application BUT NOT REPLIED. Its as if Funcom think its ok to troll their customers. I expect better.

When I submitted my application I also DMed @community to push the process along. They replied back and asked me what name I wanted, and I told them and within a day it was done.
Pretty seamless, sorry you are having issues.

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Greetings everyone,

If you want to proceed with a Funcom ID change, please make sure you submit a ticket in Zendesk as that is the place to request a Funcom ID change.

Also if you have additional questions regarding the change, please reach out to the Zendesk team.


I did that. And they trolled me.

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