FuncomID Change

Hello Guys,
I would like to change my FuncomID or if I change my Steam Name to get the Name of that instead.
Because if I want to get undercover on some Server it would not work because they still see my FuncomID and know my Name.
So I never can’t look on my server without knowing them I’m on it.
Is there any way to change it, or to add an option for this?
This Questions goes to the Community aswell to Funcom.
Thanks for reading and have a nice day! :slight_smile:

make a second steam account, use family sharing to gain access to the game when your not using it on your main account, thus it will show a separate steam id and thus be like a different user had played the game.

that said the new account will have to spend cash on steam so you could also just rebuy the core game which would be simpler and work a bit better. Either way it could be done easily enough

I don’t think that is needed. I actually have done this as well. Made a new account on Steam, used family sharing to gain access to the Conan Exiles game without having to buy it again, and then jumped on a server as a new user. Didn’t have to pay a thing.

Why would you need to go undercover - did you get banned or something? Sounds shady to me.

not used family sharing in a while, I think I may have been thinking that new account needs to spend to add to friends list. I forget I just remember that there was some feature in steam that needed you to buy stuff lol. If it wasn’t family sharing then I thank you for the correction.

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IMO, that’s irrelevant. What if before my steam name was my real name. What if my steam name was JohnSmithFromAppleTreeWisconsin. It’s easy enough to change my character’s name before I create the character. But the first time I did this, it caused my Funcom ID to be JohnSmithFromAppleTreeWisconsin#12345. I would like to have the opportunity to change it to something else. JSFATW#12345, for example.

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…“undercover on some server”… and that second sentence does not match what you’re implying.

Maybe he’s getting griefed .

shrugs, does it really matter? request was fore simple information. Pretty sure that information has been provided. think this topic is done now.

Any solutions from FUNCOM?
Im streamer and my funcomid is Muczaczoslive#xxxxxx - i wanna change it because it’s suicide on officials.

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Is there a way to change the funcomID… i dont care if the number stays the same. but i do not want part of my real name to be included in the ID they have shared …


Exactly the point I was trying to illustrate with my hypothetical example earlier in the thread.

i read what all say…i have not much to add then : "This whole system is crap, i miss seeying my history of servers on steam, i hate how you have to invite people now, all extra handlings for special people

worst idea funcom made on the great game

just me being honest, dont hate the comment, use your brain and just give it some thought, wish we could vote this to be undone…always when something is good they have to screw it up…is what i think

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