Change FuncomID

Im a pretty new to Conan and I just noticed my full name is used as my FuncomID for everyone to see.

Ofcourse I dont want that but I cant find a way to change it.


it is not possible, despite being requested on a weekly basis since day one.

and changing your steam id or settings will not change the funcom id.

and there is an exploit that lets you hide your id which has also been around for ages, used by exploiters to make themselves impossible to report.



Cant remember being asked what FuncomID I wanted to use when installing the game. I guess Funcom doesnt care much about their players privacy. Shame.

How hard can it be to show some unique number instead of your whole ID.

Thanks for your answer anyway :slight_smile:

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Write a private message to one of the community managers (like @Ignasi ), if you can, and tell him about your problem. If you can’t, then my using his name with the @ should alert him to this thread anyway.
But they do not work on the weekends, thus it may take some time before a reply will arrive.

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There’s precedent for changing FC IDs. See Funcom ID problem and as Starwalker said, PM @Ignasi

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