Funcom ID problem


I’m writing this topic to Game Masters.

Im streamer and my funcomID is the name of my stream - Muczaczoslive#57057. Like everyone knows this game (like all survivals) is really hard to stream because of stream snipe. WIth this funcomID i can’t play PVP servers. I solved this problem before because i just made a new acc and “shared it as family” with my main acc - just for another funcomID. It worked untill today - after patch shared accs can’t join official servers.

Please change my FucomID to whatever, just not “muczaczoslive” - it can be “123” or “zxy”.




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Hey @Muczaczos

Have you tried the Streamer settings? We introduced them with the Siptah update and allow to hide information when streaming the game.

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hello @Ignasis,

Yes, streaming mode hiding some informations on my screen like server number after clicking “ESC”.
But still ingame people can check my FuncomID. Can You help me with changing this ID?


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I need help, I can’t access my character, I don’t want to lose all my progress, how do I access my character?


@Ignasis or someone from Funcom team…

It is really obnoxious that Conan shows your Steam ID to everyone. We should be able to set our funcom ID to whatever we want.

Hey there,

We’ll send a suggestion to the team to add extra information to the streamer mode filter.

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Hi @Ignasis,

Thank You but to be honest suggestion to the team to add extra information to streamer mode is not solving my problem right now. I bet Your team have alot of major tasks to do and they can add it in half year (or not at all).
I know I’m one of thousands players but for now I can only leave this game and waiting (maybe) for patches. Im trying to support this game all the time (for example bought all dlc’s) and i expect some help with this little problem - I bet someone of team just can change my FuncomID.
May I count on You to check it once again?
For now, me, my team and viewers leaving Conan until You fix that problem - it’s unplayable for me (streamer) on PVP servers now (especially when the strongest pvp clans knows my stream).


Your ID has been changed as per your petition. Please be aware that we won’t be able to change it again for the foreseeable future. Stream responsibly.

Closing thread as solved.