ID problem - no connected

Game mode: Online official | Online private
Type of issue: Bug | Misc
Server type: PvE
Region: Europe | Russia

I am + google translator = Hello. I have a problem. I have the same funcom id with my friend in the game “Conan exiles”. We can’t log into the same server together, one cannot log in to the second and vice versa, while we both connect to the same character. We can’t play the coop, there is an endless connection. How can I change the “funcom id” or solve the problem in another way?

1 Before buying, we familiarized ourselves with the game by downloading it from a torrent. I liked the game and then bought it in STEAM and this problem arose.

2 Change of nickname, reinstallation of the game, reinstallation of STEAM - did not help to fix the problem.

Hello @6a6ep_3000, welcome to the forums.

The Funcom ID should be unique and is automatically generated, you’re not able to change it.

Did you get the same ID’s?

Are you able to join the same Official server?

Does the issue only happen when trying to play Coop?

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1 Yes identical identifiers
2 No, we can’t even do it alone, the server does not see, only through STEAM> view> servers> conan, when trying to enter an endless connection.
3 Yes, only “coop” is of interest, but at the invitation an endless connection and does not connect
4 I created a “dedicated”, a friend could only log in when I left and he controlled my character and not his character, when the second one connects endlessly and does not connect

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