Steamid as funcom id etc etc

I’ve seen a few posts in here about this, although I have a feeling the search isn’t finding everything. You’ve seen it already - new account, someone not overly famliar with steam ends up with their name, email, whatever as their steamid, buys this game, and sees that unwanted info on the screen. From what I’ve managed to gather, there is no way in game or out of it to change that. There’s also no support organization to contact to get something done about it (at least no one that publishes any way to access them).

So, my question is this. If we (two of us, yes) uninstall Conan Exiles, change our names in the steam client, and then download and install again, will that fix the problem? I can’t say that I’d feel comfortable having most of my email address visible when joining an online server, and I certainly won’t be buying anything beyond the standard game if that’s the situation I’m stuck in.

Sorry for ranting. Enjoying the game so far, but I’d like to experience all of it and I’m feeling that I never will.

I have multiple steam accounts and I did the process with one of my spare ones and it does not change.

I will test some other procedures and edit this answer if I find something else out or you solve the problem.


Poking around the forum I have seen some dozen forum posts about the same issue and no actual answer. However, given that there is a “new” Funcom Launcher in Conan Exiles, I guess there will some way to set up your Funcom Account in the future.

I pray that it is true, because I would love to dich steam while playing any game.

@KorgFoehammer Thanks for testing that out. I hope you’re right about the new launcher allowing us to set up an account in the future

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