A few days ago a very malicious group joined our server

Official server #1811 PvP - g-portal.us is our server. We were fine with them trolling and being very aggressive. Then they started talking about “raping my sister and cutting off her ■■■■.” and disemboweling homosexuals while they are alive. The mute/squelch button doesn’t even work. We ended up assaulting their base last night and mid way through the battle our server became non responsive for just over a half hour. We waited and kept trying to login because they would loot our bodies and take our gear. They even admitted to ddosing on two accounts, “ddos defense the best defense” & “ddos is ancient hack”. Their aim as stated when they first joined the server is to drive everyone away and make it a ghost town. They accomplished this on their last server 1932 when they created a great wall across all the land to keep new people out. I have screen shots of all of these incidents. Is there anything I can do? I have account names it is about 5-10 accounts and two clans.


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Report to steam. Write a ticket into support with a screenshots. Funcom doesn’t moderate servers.

Funcom doesn’t moderate. Cry somewhere else.

Report to Funcom and Steam with all evidence. With a bit of luck they end up with a Steam ban.

I would like to invte you guys to my server, in case you don’t intent to play on this server anymore.:sunglasses:

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I use to play on that server until that “Clan” joined. They openly brag about it and there is actually another post from server 1932 with several of the key actor’s names. Their goal is to go from public server to server to shut them down. I get Funcom not caring but I feel this goes beyond “trolling”.

Depending upon the State these people involved could face legal troubles. I suggest further documentation and contacting steam.


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