Harassment and Griefing

Unfortunately I chose a random server and got the #1655 one and saying I have to move to a different server after spending soooooo much time building and I can’t even mute them or block their messages and multiple people are having this issue as well cause it doesn’t even actually work is rediculous. Like it really doesn’t work a glitch or whatever but I see their messages constantly and having to remute Everytime I log on is rediculous as well. If I had permissions on the server I’d ban them in a heartbeat. Especially when they have a clan called nfas and members called choke*****s or whatever. It’s really a bad image for your company and this game. Honestly if this particular group is making such a big deal as to it getting on public media maybe you should take some kind of action and ban those steam members and be done. Maybe have a filter in the game where certain words can’t be used for names and clans. It’s honestly embarrassing because I am a streamer and luckily while I was streaming the first time I saw those name my webc am was covering the chat up. But pulling up the player list everyone could see it. If you get enough complaints on particular players and or clans just nip it in the bud otherwise you may have players quit altogether leaving you with the toxic ones and that isn’t fair!

This is their official reply:


I have had the mute button glitch out as well, I don’t think it’s ever worked for me. I mute both icons, but I can still see them in general chat. I am hoping that one of the patch fixes is to the mute system.

As for the rest of it, you are playing on a game with full nudity and violence. At a certain point, vulgarity is to be expected. If you choose to stream with the public you have to be prepared for the public not to play by your rules.

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