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I am trying to follow the guidance of the Harassment and Griefing Issues pinned post, but when I attempt to send a Message to the community team I get the Error Message “Sorry, you cannot send a personal message to that user.” How am I supposed to follow the guides posted here, when I assume I’m not trusted enough as a new forum account to preform the actions requested? I would post the actions of the user here, but honestly private matters should be kept private.

Side Notes: Also please forgive the random title, but it wouldn’t let me post under a more condensed title giving the error that title name was already used. Also got the error message new users can’t @ mention other members, so I remove the @ in front of community. Also is there a list of these “Forum Rules?”


Thank you

Since it has been 3 days now, it seems I’m not going to be able to report it. I won’t air dirty laundry in a public place, as much as I would love too. Let’s just say a group of people, very likely hacking (but I can’t make that determination), managed to put their body into a position that they can hit me, but nothing I do can hit them. A little research showed me this position they put themselves into (so as to not be hit) seems to be all over youtube, with many instructional videos on how to do it. I will not do it, it is an exploit and cheating. Neither of which I need to do to win (or lose) a fair fight. I’m in it for the game not the hacks. That is what I wanted to report, with of course video proof, and details on the people doing it.

Those same people however have since managed to scale my base and place bombs in places I can’t place them, seemingly in mid air in fact, and blow into my base in a manner that should be impossible. I went and spent hours testing with my own bombs to fix any and all places that a bomb might snap too. Frankly another exploit in my opinion, as you shouldn’t be able to snap a bomb to the side of a foundation block in a manner gravity would normally cause it to fall (as a side note until this is fixed make bombs only light-able by interaction and maybe other bombs… not by arrows or orbs), but I knew about this issue and protected against it. I might have missed one spot, but not the 5-10 they were placing at a time, which is why I say whatever they were doing to place the first few groups of bombs was highly questionable. When of course my clan and thralls tried to fight them they did their little trick to make it impossible to hit them and continued to place bombs until they broke into my base. Therefore I am done, I left that server and won’t go back. Whatever they are doing… hacking or not… isn’t winning… it is simply cheating and destroying the game… and cheaters never win in the end.

This new server we went too. We had a great bawl last night. Literally got wiped off the map. But it was fun for once playing against players who don’t cheat. Yeah it sucks we lost everything to a group that out numbered and outgeared us, but it was a honest fight. Frankly we were 15 minutes from winning the fight at one point (in that we held them out of our main base for nearly the entire raid timer). And to be totally honest had we not been handling a purge during their initial attack we probably could have held them out. But life is, that is the nature of honest fights…

One last side note, no matter the amount of activity can we please make the Purges not happen during the first 30 hours (or let’s say three days) on a new server? I mean of course you are super active, your clan is leveling and building their base during those first hours on a new server. You shouldn’t be punished for that.

No wonder people give Funcom such crap. This whole experience on these forums has been horrible. I’m blocked from following the rules and guidelines on the forums because of who knows why. I can guess but it doesn’t say in the error messages, so i’m not going to speculate. I got six error messages and four rewrites to get things to actually post. Then when I follow up with more info on my topic it gets blocked by a spam filter. Look I’m all for spam filters, and automated systems to protect things. But this is getting ridiculous. In fact I imagine this post will get blocked too. Good maybe some one will have to actually read my posts and care enough to do something about them.

I believe the filter that doesn’t allow you to DM is based on time spent registered on the forums. You might try sending another DM now that you’ve been registered for a while. In the mean time can @hugo or @Ignasi start a convo with this user.

I’ve been in the forums for about 7 months and have yet to see anything be ignored, hang in there!

Thank you for bringing people into the conversation that might help. Never really thought I was being ignored. But It does say after 7 days from the last reply that threads will be closed. After 3 days more info needed to be given because what was given didn’t seem to get a response. Even that info was blocked by a spam filter… I see now that blocked post has been granted, but I can’t name the number of times posts I’ve made caught by filters never get posted on other forums. As for trying again I’ve tried to send my message to the @ community inbox again before I posted the last reply, and before I posted this one. I still get the same error message. My issue aside if you are going to setup that method for contact you have to know new users will be trying to use it.

The people involved in my issue I hope to never deal with again. I’ve left that server and only have this post to remind me of them. I want Conan Exiles to succeed and be a game I’m still playing in 5 years. However the actions of a few people on the official servers ruin that experience. A problem further compounded by the lack of an easy way to report players in what appears to be exploits if not out right hacks. Then when you finally find a way to report them you are denied because your account is new and not trusted. An account you are not required to create when you start playing the game, so they can’t see I have almost 1000 hours in this game. Honestly it would be different if there were no official servers, like say Space Engineers. However official servers build a community larger then only personal servers ever could, but official servers also have to be maintained. Which means the ability to report players for ToS violations.

Hey @Allanon

Are you still unable to message us? Check your DMs inbox :slight_smile:

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