I'm having trouble composing a message to support, could anyone help guide me?

Hey, I’m experiencing a lot of harassment on my server. I laughed it off and just kept doing my thing and having fun building / running vaults in the new map. Thing is, the lies got to the point of telling the server to report me for sexual harassment. At first I shrugged it off and laughed but as I thought about it, it became serious because I don’t want to lose the dozens of hours and money I put down since the expansion came out. On top of that, I just really enjoy this game. It’s something I can easily pick up inbetween work and school and with all the other stress in my life, I really don’t want to deal with losing my outlet.

Sorry for droning on there, but could someone help connect me with the appropriate means to contact support? I know that I have to compose a message and send to Community, I’m just having trouble finding the messaging system.

I signed up on this forum 2-3 days ago so maybe that might be the reason I can’t create a message?

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Yeah, new forum members can’t write direct messages. It won’t take long to reach Member status, though - just read a few posts and spend some time logged in, and you should be fine.

Harassment online should never be tolerated, and falsely accusing someone for something as serious as sexual harassment may count as a criminal offense as well. Be sure to tell your harassers that, in addition to reporting them to Funcom. The good thing about forced DRM in games is that the culprits can be easily identified if they are stupid enough to commit criminal acts.


Thanks, I appreciate the help. Yea, on top of all that, the guy found my reddit account when I asked the Conan reddit how to defend against someone saying they’re going to abuse a mechanic to kill all my thralls in a PvE C server. Sooo the entire server has my 8 year old reddit account to talk trash about now.

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