Is falsely reporting bannable?

This guy keeps lying to the server and they’re talking about already reporting me. Is this bannable in itself if I can prove it?

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See the Official Servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures. These are :pushpin: pinned on the front page of the Conan Exiles forum. Be sure to read them yourself as well.

If when analysing the report we find evidence suggesting the information provided was false, tampered with or modified in such a way as to provide a wrongful interpretation, we might proceed to exert disciplinary action against your account.


Thanks, I appreciate it. For sure the defamation and illicit comments are in violation of ToS.

Hey, I’m sorry to reply to you twice but I have one more question if you don’t mind. How can I begin composing a message?

On the terms of conduct page, it instructs us to click on our profile, click message, and begin composing the message. I’m having trouble finding the right link. I hit my profile but the closest thing I found was “messages” which led to the message history. I wasn’t able to find a composition option there.

If you have found the tab “Messages”, there’s a button “New Message” in the left sidebar.

A more efficient way (Discourse had a GUI update this summer so I can’t blame you), is to go back to the official server guidelines, click the blue @Community tag which is mentioned there and click on “Message” in the top right.

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Thank you, I really appreciate your help. Heading back to the guidelines and clicking community did the trick. Have a good one!


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