Officical #1529 Admin Abuse

Gotta love seeing admin abuse on official servers.

imgur . com / z1MO9TI
imgur . com / Po4tJTg
imgur . com / llLNcym

Check out the time stamps, that isn’t even enough time to respawn normally, not to mention I was offline when this happened. Also logged in at my bed roll with my armor and a few misc. things in my inventory… I would have inserted the images directly but “New users are not allowed to post images.” and I would have posted direct links to them but “New users can not post links.”

even tho its a pvp server…@Ignasi i leave this in your hands een if im pretty sure that he shuld have inboxed you


Official servers doesn’t have admins.

Nope you are correct, the official servers have zero oversight unless it’s complaints made by many players.

What we see is “Server Abuse” :laughing:

I’m anxious to see funcom address this.

This kinda worries me that this might be possible by players

Is this admin abuse or perhaps hacking and if this is hacking what worth is battle eye?

or simple lag which makes the same entry appear multiple times

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Not the same entry if it’s a 4 second difference every time?

Wouldn’t it be the same time stamp multiple times?

And why after being killed does Saenarria still have any armor let alone multiple times of being killed?

Perhaps the attackers can cause a lag like dupers?

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