URGENT Official #1208 PVP - Completely broken

Official server 1208 is completely broken for the whole population, 10+ people confirmed:

You cannot walk on building pieces, you clip through them all, even other players bases.
You cannot build or place anything.
You cannot open any of you crafting station or boxes with E.
You cannot get damaged by any NPC.

Basically the whole server is broken, PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP.
This happened sometime during last night while i was sleeping.


Almost 14 Hours with this malfunction on the server in a game with 12 days of life and no oficial response!!!

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Its been almost 15 hours now…I mean do you have any survailance on the servers? Shouldnt the server log gone bananas duo to all the error messages? Its unfortunate that nothing has been done so far or any response has been given…all it takes a server restart. Someone needs to get fired!


A couple of hours ago, before the original post, people figured out that you can empty chests and crafting stations by pressing “F” so players started griefing like crazy. Everyone is running around the server, walking through walls and stealing everything not nailed to the floor. A rollback is most certainly needed because right now it is just pure chaos.

The problem have been reported to support by multiple people. Having an admin working weekends might be a good idea for the future.


This morning automatic restart fixed problem about falling in tho floors and jumping thru walls. BUT didint help about that stealing. Wasnt really nice to noticed that all steel / iron/ firesteel / brimstone etc had been stolen. Basicly all that last week work went there.

I would gladly want to hear, how you guys are going to fix this, or are you going to fix this?

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Funcom needs to respond to this thread, as abuse have been so rampant. Its a MAJOR problem if abusers are not permabanned, and a rollback performed, as otherwise it shows that abuse is the way to play the game… :frowning:

I saw at least one guy (named Wedu), who “joked” that it was okay for him to abuse, because he couldnt put his stolen stuff in his own chests.

And several other cases was reported in the very short time i myself managed to be ingame yesterday.

Suprise Suprise. No not so any kind of reaction from Funcom. Is this your worldfamous customer service?

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