How to report server admin abuse and cheating?

Hi guys

Just wondering the proper channel for reporting a server? Our clan has been playing on a non-official PVP server and the admin of it has clearly abused his power to benefit his own clan, as well as helping a friends clan which he clearly assisted wiping 5 bases out.

It started within the first few days of the server going live, where a few of our very experienced PVP guys took out his entire clan multiple time during their exploration and looted them of their best gear. Not long after that the admin turned on god mode and killed our members to recover the items for his friend.

The next day he apologised to our clan leader, sprouting some crap about being DDOS’d and being upset (total BS) and he actually returned the guys items they stole - but kept his friends items that the guys legitimately earned through fighting. So our leader though lets keep this friendly and let it slide without reporting him at the time as he said he would not play anymore (which was a lie too).

As the next week or so rolled by many other players started accusing the admin of cheating/admin abuse as he either killed players as revenge for someone attacking his clan or helped his friends clan find and destroy other clans bases. We didn’t think anything of it as we were one of the most established clans, and we were doing some raiding as well.

Then one day we were raiding a few bigger bases and the admin sent a message to our clan leader that we should settle down out of fear of other clans leaving. So we thought ok and chilled a bit, then one of our members killed some thralls of a big clan who was friends with the admin. Then in the next day there were members from both this clan and the admins clan were scouting our fully upgraded Tier 3 base.

They attacked it (while only 1 person was online) with almost unlimited explosives to decimate the base, and not only did we manage to clear all our gear out of vaults to another base but we also killed several of their players and stole multiple full sets of gear. In the end we gave up after we got away with most of the good gear. They found our other bases at the time and destroyed them too.

By that time we had started building a base well out of the way and we were fine, until one of our players asked the admin (he didn’t realise he was dodgy at that time) to clear an old foundation and within hours they attacked this fully upgraded base - quite possibly assisted them with explosives considering the sheer amount that they used in 24-48 hours.

After we decided to shift servers, I confronted the admin about his activities and he just decided to ban all of the players that were in the clan and who left the clan! So I may be a bit bitter but admins like this need to be reported for this type of activities.

There’s not one. Admins can do absolutely anything they want on their own server.
There’s nothing Funcom can do, and even if there was, they wouldn’t. It’s not their place to govern private servers (they won’t even admin the official servers).

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