Official server 3566

this is a complete rant and want something done. most of us on this server have grouped together to try and get rid of a cheating clan. they have been using the max stat glitch to raid and harass other players. they one shot everyone and i use max vit. i have no way of actually repoting them not like it will do anything…it was 4 against 10 and they one shot all of us.even one shot out legendary fighter with 4k hp and dang near 500 def. im sick of this bs. developers get off your butts and fix this glitch.

I do agree with you that this glitch needs a fix and I think (hope) that the next patch is going to address the issue. I had a tribe in my server that I’m FOR SURE was using the stat glitch and I remember them struggling on our 100+ guards all geared out :joy:. They were hitting them hard, but I don’t recall them being oneshot… either way good luck and remember that even if they are cheating, they’re not invincible.

Hi there,

This issue should be fixed with the next patch to the game. It is currently going though the Sony and Microsoft certification process that all updates have to go through before being implemented. It will hopefully be implemented later this week.

That is, if it is not fixed, by the end of the week, keep throwing your time away while these skinny players destroy everything you’ve done, using glitch and bugs.

Oh of course not lol. The server got together shortly after and called several avatars on their bases

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