Potential max stat bug or something more?

Game mode: [Online | Multiplayer]
Problem: [Potential Bug]
Region: [NA]

Has anyone else come across players that seem to have every stat maxed? Two players on my official server seem to have every stat maxed. One of these players has multiple vac bans. Atm not sure if this is a bug or something more.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Log into server Official Server 1809 NA
  2. Observe actions of players Katie & Garlan from whatever clan.

What makes it seem like all their stats are at max?

There are a lot of options when it comes to specs right now. Running flawless armour gives you +9 in different areas across the board which is huge. Having lets say flawless kamb which gives +9 str, 41+9 is a huge amount of points saved. If you start to break it down, you have flawless armors, war paint tattoos, elixirs which can be stacked to give +3 in a bunch of different areas, foods like rhino head soup (+3 encumbrance). Let alone yellow lotus which can used to respec on the fly, I’ve seen people used AHK to quickly spec to different builds mid fight.

I was actually thinking of using AHK to to switch between my farming build and my combat build.
I play single player so no problem, but I would not use scripts on a public server to get an advantage - that’s uncool.

And yeah, with gear, buffs and war paint, you can have some really nice stats.

I think it’s cheats I have other groups telling me the same thing. They take no damage and one combo everyone and have no encumbrance. They have ran off most of the server and were talking about switching servers due to boring game play. Get ready you’ll see soon no doubt as they clear 'em out one at a time.

Salut moi sur mon serveur 3200 EU sur ps4 il y a les the other guys qui font la même chose que toi je voulais pas le croire mais j’ai essayer toute les stat possible et il m’ont envoyer une photo de leur stat toute les stat sont max et il leur c’est 80 point a placer faut m’expliquer

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Ps4 here we’ve had the same issue with a couple clans on our server they came out of nowhere and wiped/continue to grief every clan on the server. with one combo the guy killed two of us in full silent legion armor had the ability to double jump and picked up 50+ explosive jars off us then sprinted farther then our third friend could follow so It seemed he had max encumberance str vit and grit plus max agility for double jump I could be wrong but we weren’t the only ones on the server that saw this sort of thing from them server 3555

You can browse the forum and will see that it’s a known issue - some players have all their stats to 50 and guess what - Funcom knows it for weeks and hide most of those threads as they don’t want us to discus on how to reproduce exploits…

But since they don’t do anything against those players as well, it become clear Funcom wants to protect those players by giving them an edge on the others by using glitches and exploits…

At the end - they took our money - why to care.
At some point they will fix some of the issues, but will provide their beloved cheaters with other ways to get edge.

It’s more than 6 months of knowing about bedroll access glitch bases on the north and guess if they are fixed?
So nobody can attack the guys who are using them, no matter of what.

It was patched on TestLive. Should be going to Live within a day or so.


We have a whole 10 man guild doing this glitch how can I do it to stop this madness play fire with fire!!

Same here on 1402 official, clan 404 and LOL players can 3 -4 hit kill with full SL armor, dodge roll in heavy. double jump, while carrying 50000 bombs to blow through our base. ps. they are from mainland china, speak no english and use a vpn to show that they are playing from canada/ america