Possible cheat or bug exploit on Official 1312

Hello everyone,

First of all, I don’t want to come off as salty and if it is not an exploit or cheat, please do inform me so I can learn a bit more about the game.

Today, I was fighting another player (a Russian, if it makes any relevance) and I was specced 30 vitality with epic darfari light armor and for head a kambujan epic medium helmet, all flawless (your average pvp gear as you can tell). This player comes, and he attacks me with a spear (couldn’t see exactly which one) and its the first attack of the right click combo. Bam, I lose %60 of my health, got bleed and cripple on me, along side with poison (i guess the only part that makes sense is the poison).

So he kills me with two blows. Loots all my gear and THEN kills my brother who happens to be full encumbrance specced and carrying all the loot we got with maxed out inventory. Well guess what happens, he kills him with 2 blows as well (though he had less vitality to be fair) and loots EVERYTHING from him as well and starts running like he’s also full encumbrance build.

What am I missing here? What am I doing wrong and he is doing right? A legendary spear with armor penetration or something? Also, what is up with the full looting thing?

Thanks for reading, looking forward to your replies.

sounds like multiple exploits to me.

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Hey @Hectus

This sounds like foul play. To report any exploits and how to reproduce them, please use our tool Exploit Hunters. Please note that we’re more interested in the exploit than in the exploiter.
Thanks for your feedback and apologies for the frustration.


what about the post that people are placing stuff in the mountains in glitching in and place vaults and ext?

Oh wow I did not know about this tool. I will use it for sure.

I do not want to blame anyone either. It may very well be an unintentional bug as well.

I will file a detailed report on this issue in Exploit Hunters now. Thank you for your reply and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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I posted about this the other day but I guess there is no much we can do about it… sadly is 1 clan in particular their players are as dirty as …

there is a supposed exploit that allow you to get 50 in everystat (not sur if it still working with last patch)
and i don’t know if a char who was using this exploit still have 50 in all stats if the bug is corrected.

Super easy with stat bug you can run 60+ str
And with cripple bleed glitch its almost 1 shot people

Easy fix reset everyone stat but funcom doesn think its important its on since a month lol

Resetting will not “fix” it, and is fruitless until the drive down how to stop the exploit. They know how to reproduce it, and are working. I fully believe that. Butas far as not caring about the people using this particular one, it can’t really be accomplished “by accident”. My hope is they can just have a sql coder pull all peoples atts from officials right before they correct it. And correct it without warning as well (wouldn’t be unprecedented). Anyone, and their clan mates-who know they are using it (blind eye is no excuse)- with too many points in atts should receive a 3 week ban (long enough on officials to decay their stuff. That would send the message, that if there is a way to factually identify exploiters, then heavy price will be paid if caught. Would deter most people who are borderline cheaters. And if they do quit, so be it. Word of mouth would be positive for the rest of us, and more will come back that grew tired of being exploit defeated.


Fix is easy kick everyone 5 min before resetting server.
Reset stat.
No more dupe


yeah, i kinda suggested that as a band aid daily as well, but community flagged it. to much info i guess :wink:

on the sql note, I sometimes wonder why they don’t use a relational database such as MariaDB and setup transaction logging/periodic backups on each server. Then admins could run automated queries via custom monitoring checks / scripts to check for odd stuff like extra attribute points or inventory doubling every server reset/crash. The plus side too would be not having to wait for a game server reset either to apply new values (At least for sql).


When I started working on setting up my own server, this was the most obvious issue. The database is just completely crippled.

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I’d have to take a look into hosting a private server sometime just to dig around but I think they would probably just have to grab (or write) a c++ lib for Unreal4 that talks to mysql/mariadb instead of whatever library they’re using for sqlite. I wonder how easy it would be to modify things. Lots of interesting threads on unreal engine forums covering the idea of using mysql with unreal in general. Porting Conan to a DB instance could also open the doors up for advanced MMO features later on (like server transfers or persistent server shards courtesy of DB clustering) but now we’re going way beyond the scope of the current game lol

its the all 50 attribute exploit thats been around since EA launch, these clowns can’t fix anything right. When they do they break it 2 months later

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