Killed and looted by an invisible (or undermeshed) player while my character is inside an intact base. Video with captions is provided as proof

I have already sent a message to @community providing them with the server #, date/time that the hack occurred.

Edited rest of the message as it is a direct violation of our forum guidelines:


Kinda looks like poison but with out any usual warnings. That’s sad thralls didn’t seem to care about you death.

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First time I was killed at around 4 secs was one hit by an invisible or undermeshed player.

Second time I was killed in the video at around 50 secs, I was hit by an invisible enemy, got bleeding and cripple debuffs. Eventually, the bleed killed me.

Most of the thralls in the base remained in “at rest” stance (weapons not drawn).


Hahaha I think I was even playing on the server you were and yes they are Hackers 100%, good video capture, we have already reported parts of their clan for speedhacking (though some are using hacks outside the clan like speedhack to kill then they are mutually looting corpses lol), now follow procedure and we just need to wait 6 months for funcom to take action! :smiley:


… we are loosing ppl in PVP servers… PVP is diying…
Are these sort of cheating/exploiting thingy a cause of that???

I am pretty sure that yes

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I think Im finally ending this frustration and just give up with this game and 0 support ever for this garbage funcom company.

Maybe it is this glitch?

it glich yeah

The history of CE PVP is that it has always been prone to hacks and cheats since beta. It has never been fixed. If you want to validate this do a web search.

After 5 years of not fixing hacks for what ever reason why are you expecting anything different.

If people playing pvp do not expect hacks and exploits they are being extremely naive at this point.

You should be expecting exploits in PVP. The players doing the exploits over the last 5 years have become masters at it.

Just look at all the complaints like I said and reflect on what you are up against. Funcom is not your shining knight that is going to squash exploits.

Looks like the undermesh fix is killing you.

eh? did you not hear the sounds of an player swinging and missing prior to hitting him. I feel the fix doesn’t do that.

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Yeah you can even see the sounds match when he gets hit.

Hey there,

Thanks for reporting the infraction through the channel dedicated to that, we’ll deal with it.
However, you proceeded to intentionally post the video evidence on the forums as well, which goes against a couple of our forum guidelines, which you can check here:
We’ve edited the link and we’ll proceed to close the thread.

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