Cheater on official server

Full Turkish clan on official server Using exploit named: Phantom weapon.
Hiting with empty hands, and doing very big amount of damage. This thing was confirmed by almost all players on ours server.
A few screens:


To save you some wait:
The answer will probably be, if any:

Report it to exploit hunters with, if possible, proof.

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Small correction/addition to the reply of @Arizer_FM , this may be found here: Harassment and Griefing Issues

It’s a sticky post on Players Helping Players.

How i should report about exploit description, if i didn’t know how to reproduce it.
I just find information about this exploit. What his name and how its look. The most important thing its i want to punish players who use it on official servers.

I don’t mean to burst your bubble. But - it is possible that he wasn’t cheating or exploiting. There are some weapon sets and some armor sets that do not render properly for other players’ game clients. There have been bugs where players blink out of existence (and are effectively invisible), and others where people wielding a weapon doesn’t show up for other players. I have experienced BOTH of these. In both cases, this was not being done in a malicious fashion - and the players involved were unsure of what they were doing, or of how to correct it (we’ve tried relogs, etc.).

I would recommend reaching out to the player that slayed you, and ask him in a public and frank manner (perhaps through the /global channel) what weapon he was wielding, and what armor he was wearing. Ask if you can meet him again, and ask that he wield the same weapon again. Best to do if you can in the same gaming session - if it’s a bug, it may work itself out over time, or after a game client restart, etc., etc.

If the other party is cooperative, you might be able to gain additional data points about the bug you are experiencing. Or, if you question the other party, and they are not cooperative, you can plan to record your game experience, and try to run afoul of them again and record what it is that they are doing that is exploitative.


What @Cauthey said is completely plausible. In fact, the first two days we played together I thought he was so powerful he could punch entire mobs to pieces. This tough little redhead toon, just punching erthing into oblivion. Turns out my potato internet rendered him without weps. I needed a restart of CE to fill his hands again.

He demonstrated a metric ton about what it means to play like a gentleman, and through his comportment he gained a lot of intel from enemies simply by politely asking. He’s got good advice, I suggest asking the Turks which pike they used.


While I agree with you, that happened most often to me with black ice javelins. They didnt show for me on my own toon.
Or with torches of other players - I just dont see them sometimes.

It does happen a lot more frequently now though.
But having that apply every single encounter? I dont think so.
Then again, I dont know wether they wont see the weapon of said players every time or just a few times not.

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We are currently looking into a possible exploit with javelins, just to let you know :slight_smile:


There are 2 kind of exploits - 1 with the perfect acheronian pike and one with javelins aka phantom blade exploit.

This in addition with the undermeshing exploits isbeing used by a clan on our server 1322 aswell and makes it impossible to counterattack their safe storages - making them able to wipe the whole server over and over.

Using exploit named: Phantom weapon.

So thats why i pointed exploit hunters.

@Barnes and I were doing some grinding together on Testlive during the last Call To Arms event and had this occur. I was using a 2h sword and he couldn’t see it.

On another subject, I was dancing and performed an action to interrupt it, while hanging with another clan. They all saw my avatar dancing around as I moved around, even though it wasn’t on my screen. I’ve seen others dancing across the map as well. Perhaps the interrupting action is the trigger for the exploit?

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I agree. But there was more then 8 persons, who also didn’t see the pike which Turks are used.
So if its realy a visual glitch, and not an exploit - it has to appear more often for other people too.
As i say more then 8 guys was with Turks, and they see the same as me - No weapons in Turks hands. :confused:


Come back to the server mate, We miss you. I will help you rebuild and we’ll deal with the Turks. Almost the whole server is against them right now. One of your clan members still plays but he is low lvl so…

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Thanks mate :wink:
I’m here. Don’t went nowhere.
I’ll come back after my clan will come back too.
Maybe a bit later. We’ll come back. :wink:

If the weapon is invisible, you cannot know they are using a pike unless they told you they were. You might be guessing it’s a pike. Or a third option: you might be calling a javelin a pike, and there is a known issue with javelins right now. My guess is a javelin rebalance will occur with the next patch.


I gues, its a Spike, cause when i got hitted i’m stunned for a while like from a spike also i got bleed, like after the third combo from a spike. That’s why i guesed its a spike. Maybe it can be other weapon, i’m not sure.:face_with_monocle:


That’s cool, and the more you reply with details the better! I was Sherlock Holmsing this morning because it occurred to me that although you said “pike” you might’ve meant something else. Especially if it’s truly invisible and you’re, y’know, unable to see it. :smiley:

Bleed is very helpful though. Thank you.


At my first post i pined a Screenshot, where i’m dead. Look at the statuses on left-top corner.
i’m just died while i taked the screenshot. It was too fast. I got few hits with pike in 1 second you can see the statuses on Screenshot, but visualy i get just first combo with empty hands.

It’s really a shame that these cheat can exist even with battleeye protect. I’m in this server and it’s very difficult to counter these cheaters. Veteran of Funcom’s game (11 years of AOC) I say by experience that’s FC don’t really take harsh measure against the ppl who cheat, ban of few days or one week sometimes.

The last two days, a lot of players in this server fight back against them but it’s really unfair. Personnaly our clan see some very advanced cheating tools in her disposal.

  • we mounted one catapult platform with some chest with stock of amno inside. Theye counter attacked us and after the fight we note that the three chests was full empty (no more rocks and explosives) without damage near… (its locked for sure :slight_smile: ).

  • they make one recon in our main base with 2 NAKED turkish ppl only. we trying to defend them, and saw they can spend 5 minutes (yes 5 minutes) with all our zoo menagerie trying to kill them (with 4 archers in tower near), was very funny to see 2 rhinos, 3 sabertooth and many others beasts hit them and make almost no damage, they stand here with the beast hiting them and when we come close, they OS us with spear: after 5 minutes they have 50% hp left only—> Chuck Norris can go to the grave, successors are here!

  • yesterday with 4 another clans, we trying to raid theirs ally’s base (dwarfs clan). was very funny, i’ve take another template (stamina one) and then rush them and run back… I run a lot with them at my back no problem with my running specs… and then see the messiah (sure) one turkish ppl levitate (yes same animation when you have God Mode in solo game) run 2X than me, say me hello, turn around me 3X and used only one deadly blow. bye bye noob forrest gump!

  • at one time we manage to kill one (in reality the ppl fall himself) so we go near the corpse to loot them --> they don’t have any special item… in fact the corpse have NO item…

these fact was only few we saw in these last 2 days, but it’s very bad that these cheat can destroy this server and that so many ppl leave. I don’t have any hope, FC policy is same so many years: just bane few days (when they take the decision) and cannot really correct these cheats. Battle eye is really a faillure.

So we can only watch this server dying and more players leaving, was a shame because Funcom game’s are very good as always.

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