Official Server #1813 PvP possible cheater/exploiting

I’ve got what I believe to be sufficient video proof of blatant exploit or even cheats happening on Official #1813 PvP. Below you’ll find those in the form of gfycat links. The player in question has even claimed you, the developers, have “summoned him and cleared him” at one point in global chat.

First Encounter

4v1 Encounter, my POV

4v1 Encounter, friend POV


And one more

He’s already ran a few clans off the server unfortunately, and is now focusing on me. I’m fine being targeted- as long as others are not. Hopefully this can get resolved rather quickly though, as it’s now been just about 72 hours since I’ve been able to enjoy the game. Almost all of the proof will include proof that it’s him, as I intentionally mouse over him to see his name just before he kills me.

People on the server who aren’t defending him still warn that reporting players is a waste of time, ever since the Early Access launch. Unfortunately I haven’t found a spot to “officially” report him, so I’ve had to resort to posting here after getting no response from multiple attempts of DMs. I’m not the only one to report this guy from our server using various methods, either. We’ve found ways to minimize his damage, as it appears to only be some sort of speed hack/exploit, but it’s still discouraging to have these types of things running rampant on official servers.

At one point in global chat, he stops just short of saying he’s untouchable, claiming to know the ins and outs of the politics of player reporting and developers.

“i mean you can do what you want…i been playing since early access first released…and im not bragging …but i know how alot of this works with the politics and the devs…you are wasting time with your detective work” - Person in question

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Pretty clear, if this doesn’t get resolved then Funcom is not a real company and thus Conan Exiles cannot be a real game

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