Abusing stat stacking glitch

Game mode: [Online | PVP]
Problem: [Damage increase bug]
Region: [NA official server 1808]

On server 1808 there is a player named Dreadkiller who is infamous for 1 shoting players in PVP. Rumor from an old clanmate of his is that he has found a stacking glitch that had allowed him to stack bonus stats from certain weapons. If you check the logs for my character named Samtron, you will see that I was 1 shot last night while I had on epic legion armor and 40 points in vitality. The same player who killed me 1 shot 3 other people right before and after I died.

This is really spoiling the game. Losing in PVP is fine, but when his clan is abusing the infinite god bubbles and using whatever he is to 1-2 hit everyone it sucks.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Fight Dreadkiller on 1808 official server
  2. Look at the logs for last night

So based off a rumor form an old clandmate of MINE which is Bull sh*t by the way. i outplay all of you so then i must be exploiting. i also have no clue what this god bubble thing your talking about is nor have you explained even how or what it does.

But devs or admin i encourage you to come on and check. would love to get these guys to stop calling hacks and wasting your time